Despite the world-wide phenomenon taking social networking to new heights and a huge increase in popularity amongst his Hollywood A-List peers in recent years, Charlie Sheen had not joined Twitter (despite the numerous fake accounts using his name) until he broke down today and joined.

Having only tweeted thrice (thanks Conan) in 6 hours, Charlie Sheen’s Twitter account (@charliesheen) has already surpassed 485,000 followers.

He’s only following 11 accounts on Twitter.  Amongst those who Charlie wants to read updates from are shock jock Howard Stern, Piers Morgan, Alyssa Milano and porn star Bree Olsen.

Charlie Sheen from Twitter

Charlie Sheen from Twitter

Amongst his tweets thus far include a picture of Charlie and an unknown, buxom female companion (seen right), and an awesome quote about a recent offer which Charlie seems highly unlikely to accept:

“Just got invited to do the Nancy Grace show… I’d rather go on a long road trip with Chuck Lorre in a ’75 Pacer….”

We don’t blame you, Charlie.

Whilst on hiatus from filming Two And A Half Men, Sheen has been a fountain of entertaining quotes on any media outlet on which he appears.  Already in the first quarter day since its creation, this Twitter account already seems likely to provide more golden entertainment from a man some consider a train wreck.

As I’m the GuysNation author who most frequently works with Twitter, I’ll do my best to keep abreast of the goings-on with Mr Sheen.

After writing this article, I refreshed Sheen’s Twitter page to find a fourth Tweet, and his number of followers has surpassed the half-million mark.

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