David Arquette winning the WCW World title is pretty much widely agreed as wrestle crap and one of the worst moments in pro wrestling. I have a multi part question

1. Do you think any of the past celebrities involved in wrestling if given the title even if for a short couple week run, wouldn’t have been crapped on by the fans?
1a. Even if fans hated it at the time do you think one looking back 10 or 20 years later one of those celebrity champions would be looked back on as a good worker or missed opportunity if he stayed on as a wrestler?

2. Do you think any current celebrities could run a program in WWE (or TNA) and win one of the World titles for a short run (under 2 months) and not be crapped on by all the fans.
2b. Do you think any past celebrities that weren’t involved in wrestling could have held a title and not been crapped on by the fans if they decided to get involved in wrestling short term.

3. Do you think any celebrities past or present could make or have made a long term impact (over 2 years) as a pro wrestler at least an upper mid card lvel or higher in major promotion.

I’d like this topic to be more than MMA guy X could be a pro wrestler if he wanted as I’m sure Vince would sign someone like Randy Coutre in a heartbeat if Randy seemed interested for the cross over market. Feel free to list MMA guys especially if you have a good reason why it could work but try to make it more than just a list of boxers and MMA guys.


Here’s one that I think may have worked. Leave your answers to the questions and any comments below

Mr. T
If over the course of a year let’s say shortly after the first Wrestlemania in 1985 Rowdy Roddy Piper beats Hogan for the WWF World title due to cheating and “injures Hogan”. Mr. T comes to Hogan’s aid and challenges Piper. Hogan trains Mr. t for the Title match. Orton distracts the ref while piper goes to injure mr. t like he did Hogan. Hogan makes the save and allows Mr. T to get the win. Mr. t gets a couple wins over guys like Bob Orton before the Rematch with Piper. befor ethe match Hogan is attacke backstage so he can’t accompany T to the ring. Piper gets the win and continues to beat on T trying to injury him and end his wrestling career for good. Hogan runs out amkes the save and sets up Piper/Hogan title match for Wrestlemania II with Hogan getting the title back. I know this ia bunch of title changes in a short period especially for that era of WWF, but do you think the fans would of been into it, or do u think there is another scenerio where the fans would of bought Mr. T as a short term champ?

Here’s another

Would a post Wrestlemania XIV Austin /Tyson feud been a license to print money even considering what Tyson’s salary would of been?