It’s officially fall and we’ve just hit October. You know what that means, horror movies and lots of them. Instead of doing another list of the same horror movies you see crop up year after year, we decided to narrow the focus to some cult casino movies you might have missed out on or haven’t through about in a while.

Vegas loves its scares and Halloween season is already in full swing in the City of Sin. Las Vegas Weekly reports that adult video company AVN is throwing its first ever adult-themed Halloween bash this year. The city has been shedding its longtime push as a family destination since the ’90s as it embraces the “what happens in Vegas” lifestyle to appeal to young professionals.

With the increased popularity of casinos as tourist hotspots even online gaming platforms are doing everything they can to recreate the classic casino experience. Gaming site Betfair brings themed versions of your favorite classic games, several of which feature Halloween-y characters like zombies and werewolves, in an effort to recreate the excitement of sitting at an actual casino venue. Nothing will ever beat actually visiting the strip, but being able to play the horror-themed games however you want is a lot of fun for the spooky season.

For those who won’t be making it to Sin City for Halloween, here are a few of our choices for some for the most fun and freaky flicks that feature the City of Lights. What happens in Vegas, slays in Vegas.

Dead Man’s Hand: The Casino of the Damned (2007)

This little known low-budget scarefest features some top-notch horror actors with Sid Haig (Captain Spaulding from “House of 1000 Corpses” and “The Devil’s Rejects”) along with Michael Berryman from “The Hills Have Eyes.” It was directed by Charles Band who was also responsible for the “Puppet Master” franchise and a whole ton of straight-to-video schlockfests.

A guy inherits a casino from a distant relative and soon discovers that it’s haunted and hijinks ensue. Like many of these picks, it’s more interesting for the location and the “so bad it’s good” quality. This is the same dude that directed “Evil Bong” so don’t go in expecting “Citizen Kane.”


Leprechaun 3 (1995)

The original “Leprechaun” is, in its own way, a great horror movie. A perfect example of a product of its time, the original film took a throwaway concept and made a perfectly fun and serviceable low-budget horror movie with a remarkably good cast. Starring Warwick Davis (of “Willow and “Harry Potter” fame) and marking the film debut of Jennifer Aniston, the original “Leprechaun” is a cult classic that holds up well for what it is.

Despite all this, Box Office Mojo notes that the film only grossed a measly $8 million worldwide. It was only on home video that the movie finally saw success. This is not the case for “Leprechaun 3,” in which our titular terror decides to visit Las Vegas after a pawn shop owner is unfortunate enough to come into possession of some of the evil imp’s cursed gold. Sounds awesome, right?

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

Despite mixed reviews, “Extinction” was actually one of the most successful RE films at the box office and really, they should have just called it “Resident Evil: Road Trip” because that’s essentially what happens. Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter join a group of loosely connected characters that travel to a post-apocalyptic Vegas en route to a safe haven in Alaska while fighting zombies and attempting to stop the evil Umbrella corporation.

The “Resident Evil” franchise is reliable for perfectly fun action horror, and “Extinction” is one of the more worthwhile of the bunch. The Daily Mail reports that Jovovich just finished filming on the sixth film in the series, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,” which is due in 2017.

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