I really enjoy hockey and I will start off by saying my favorite team is the Washington Capitals.  I attend a handful of games throughout the season and for only the second time I have attended a playoff game.  When you go to a CAPS game during the regular season, you see a fairly good turnout of the opposing team.  But last night, for game 2 of the NHL Quarterfinals with the Capitals playing the Rangers, the Verizon Center was “Rocking the Red”!  The stadium was awash with red jerseys, shirts, coats, hats and more.  And when the horn blew, Waaaa Waaaa Waaaa, the fans thundered “Let’s Go CAPS!”

We were early and were able to watch the warm-ups from right down near the glass.  The group roared as one of the players swung by smashing his stick against the glass.  I saw Mike Green take the time to take a puck and hand it through the camera opening to a little fan; that was very cool of him.

I was lucky enough to sit in the club level seating and we had a good view of the goal that CAPS shoot against twice in the game.  The game was a hard-hitting, hard-fought game.  It was an extremely physical game.  We had discussed the game at work and after a long overtime game two nights before we all agreed tonight was an important game for the CAPS.  They needed to come out with energy and play very physical; they didn’t disappoint.

During the second period, I had finally bought dinner.  If you are in the club level at Verizon Center, I highly recommend the Mac and Cheese station…I had the Buffalo Chicken Mac.  I was sitting there eating and my buddy said, “What are you going to do if they score?”  I replied either the whole section was getting sprayed with mac and cheese or the box behind us was going to have it flipped up on them.  Then it happened, just minutes later, I saw the puck hit the back of the net and the stadium went WILD.  So did I and I am happy to say that I did not lose a drop of the mac and cheese, it was too good to spill.

That was all the CAPS needed, but they put a second goal in to buffer the score and they held off a couple of penalties and Rangers pulling Lundqvist at the end of the third period.  Neuvirth had a spectacular game and the defensive play of the CAPS was outstanding.  I called it before the CAPS posted the stars of the game, he was the star.  Several times throughout the contest the crowd was chanting “New Vee, New Vee, New Vee.”  Of course several times after Lundqvist gave up his goals, the crowd was taunting Lundqvist as well.

The only other thing I will say is that the Refs really stayed out of the game.  They did not call much throughout the match.   Another round of cheers went up when the big screen showed the final score of the Penguins Lightning match.  And to the guy at my work who kept saying CAPS were going to lose because I was there…HA!  Oh, and how did your Penguins do?  Exactly…see you Tuesday.

The ride home had horns honking out the: Waaa Waaa Waaa all the way to the highway and even some open window cheers responding, “Let’s Go CAPS!”

We head to New York to face the Rangers at home with a two game lead in the series.  Here’s to hoping that we have a sweep in the first series.  LET’S GO CAPS!!!!!