While I got it on my mind, lemme just give a congrats shout out to my boys in Red, the Washington Capitals, who took care of some business in a major way last night up in Montreal.

I’m happy as hell that the series is coming back here for Game 5 so that the D.C. fans can get a glimpse of what it’s like to celebrate some playoff victory.  We don’t need a game 7 to take care of business this year, we can get it done tomorrow night, kicking off the weekend RIGHT as we send Montreal Canadians packing for off-season vacation.

Alex Great 8 Ovechkin took care of his business last night, getting two goals.  The big time play was yet again a goal on the shorthanded play, quieting those Montreal faithful where Canadians hockey is a religion.  We did it the other night, we did it last night, and although we got our Power Play working again last night, I don’t care if we don’t score another Power Play goal in this series or the next one, just as long as we’re scoring on the Penalty Kill while we’re shorthanded.  I’ll take one of those goals every other game, ’cause that’s what quiets the other city’s crowd and puts the other team in a bad mood.

Varlamov?  You’re playing good, kid, keep that up.  I don’t care if you say that you like American women or not, you’re okay to play in my town.  I’d buy you a Russian bride in one of those emails I keep getting, except that it’s illegal to do that, and all you’d have to do would be to get on a flight back to Moscow and take your pick, once you win the Cup, that is.

Jose Theodore, don’t think I forgot all about you, my man.  You helped the Capitals get through some tough times during the regular season, and we wouldn’t be the #1 seed in the NHL without you.  If you gotta get back in the goalie spot during these playoffs, I’m a supporter.

Backstrom and Semin, you two gotta be stepping up your games.  I think only one of you is going to be Rockin’ the Red for Washington in next year’s playoffs, and this year’s playoffs is going to be a good predictor of who that’s going to be.  I’d say Backstrom but it’s too soon to tell.  They’re both talented, but I like how Backstrom plays more, and there should be some good trade bait for Semin.

One last thing, Matt Bradley, I saw you make that incredible play to shoot around the back of the net and then make that cross-ice pass over to Chimera for the goal last night.  Nice work, buddy, you’re my kind of player.

Caps in 5 games, bet on it (if you’re in Vegas, since I don’t want to promote illegal activities… especially not twice in the same article).

Oh, and that 6-3 score the other night?  It wasn’t half that close.  Montreal caught the Caps resting just a bit late in the third period with that last goal.  Should’ve been 4 (or 5) to 2.

That’s the Bud View.