It’s apparently Canada Day in the great white northern suburb of the United States, and although I couldn’t tell you what Canada Day celebrates, I can tell you that I love Canadian women. Let’s take a moment to celebrate some of my favorites:

Pamela Anderson


She was the first incredibly sexy woman on television whom I can remember wishing I could see naked… and then she granted the wish by posing in Playboy about 100 times! God Bless Hugh Hefner!

Serinda Swan


It takes an incredibly gorgeous actress to portray Zatanna, and in the show Smallville, Serinda Swan looked stunning!

Tricia Helfer


I might not admit to having watched Battlestar Galactica, but I have to admit to being a huge fan of Tricia Helfer!

Rachel McAdams


She basically defines the word “cute” in the sexiest way possible.

Ellen Page

ellen page

Even though she doesn’t “like” guys, that won’t stop me from having a crush on Ellen Page.

Stana Katic

Stana Katic Wallpapers @

There’s a joke to be made about Castle’ing and how Stana makes my “king” shift positions… but you’d have to understand Chess AND know about her acting career to understand it.

Elisha Cuthbert


I wish she was the girl next door… That would make some of my fantasties almost realistic.

Laura Vandervoort


Would you mess around with Superman’s female cousin? You might risk it if she looked like this. And could fly.

Kathleen Robertson


Whether it’s Bates Motel or 90210 or whatever other show or movie she’s in, she lights up the screen.

Trish Stratus


WWE Divas don’t get any better than the triple-threat, Trish Stratus!

Lindy Booth


Another actress whose work you’re probably not familiar with, but her face is one you should be.

Jessica Pare


When Don Draper settles down with Megan on Mad Men, you don’t question the end of his womanizing, because she’s smart, nice and super hot.

Shera Bechard


There’s absolutely no question why Hugh Hefner would’ve wanted her to be his girlfriend following The Girls Next Door series. I can’t say I wish he had married her, though. #StillAChanceForMe  She’s one of my favorites to cover on Frisky Fridays.

Cobie Smulders


Second in command of Marvel’s SHIELD and the much fought-over Robin on How I Met Your Mother. Is she cute or hot or does she simply embody what it means to be an awesome Canadian woman?