So,  in approximately 24 hours from the start of this blog, the Phildelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys will kick off for the 3rd time this NFL season.  Game one a brutal NFC slugfest that  the Dallas Cowboys.  Game two  a dominant “ass whoop’n” by the ‘Boys.  Shut out the Eagles in Dallas.  Only allowed 220 yards of total offense.  24-0 final.   That was last Sunday.

Now?  Here we are 5 days later and everyone’s wondering can the Eagles win?

Simple Answer:   Yes.


…  Well…

That’s not so easy.

1 they have to get to Tony Romo.  Somehow.  Someway.   They have the line to get some pressure.  They have depth and cycle guys in and out to keep them fresh, but they need to knock Tony down.  ALOT!

2 They need to get Desean Jackson the ball.  The Cowboys have effectively shut Desean down.  And last week McNabb missed a wide open Desean for an easy TD, but #5 over threw him.  But if you get the ball to Desean you increase the chances for fireworks.  He’s instant offense.  Motion him.  Line him up EVERYWHERE.   Put him in the backfield (either with the Wildcat, or as a  RB).   Run a couple end arounds/reverses to get him the ball.   Fake the reverse and hit him with a swing pass.   Basically the offensive plan has to involve him as much as possible.

3 Run the ball.  Last week Leonard Weaver (pro bowl fullback)  and Leshawn McCoy  combined for two… TWO…  yes… TWO!!!! Carries.  Partly because Bryan Westbrook was back from severe concussions.   Partly because the Cowboys jumped to a multiple score lead and the Eagles went to throw to catch up mode.   Lets focus on the first reason.  Bryan Westbrook.  I’m a fan of #36.  I love what he’s meant to the Eagles.   He isn’t what he used to be and the Eagles offense has looked more dynamic and more balanced with “Shady” (McCoy’s nickname)  and Leonard.   I want to see more McCoy and Weaver. The Eagles have to use them more if they want to be effective and not have Dallas’ pass rush tee off on Donovan.  I’d rather see Leonard and McCoy and use Westbrook as a “change of pace”/3rd down back.  As I like B-West’s ability to flank out and pass catch.

4  McNabb – this is your game .  Everything that has been said both positively and negatively will be on display in this game.  He lays an egg, and this could be the last time we see McNabb in Eagles green.  He shows up and puts on a performance like he did last season, week 17, when the Eagles curb stomped the Cowboys to get into the playoffs.   He shows up and is missing receivers and throwing his patented “bounce pass”?   The Delaware Valley will be issuing in the “Kevin Kolb Era” with glee.

5 Its so hard to win 3 games in a season against a divisional opponent.  It just doesn’t happen that often.  Its not a tangible “thing”.  Just an interesting little factoid.  Sure it happens, and it could.  But its not that common.

Its not going to be easy.  I’m not bombastic enough to sit here saying the Eagles will win, or even SHOULD win.  But they can.  If they play the way they did in the 6 weeks leading up to week 17, when they strung together a 6 game win streak and climbed to having a shot of #2 seed and bye.  If they do the things I laid out (and possibly a few I didn’t).

The  Cowboys are one of the best teams in the NFC.  They are, no DOUBT,  the Hottest team in the NFC, and I think, the LEAGUE (though an argument could be made for San Diego).   They’re playing with confidence, and they’re playing well.

And in a little more than 26 hours we’ll know.