I’ve never had a cheese fry that I didn’t enjoy, even when the actual fries (I’m looking at you, Outback Steakhouse) were subpar. I was excited when I saw a bag of the Burger King Snacks Cheesy Fries at a store last week. The price was a bit high – about 50% higher than other comparable snacks, but because of my dedication to try lots of options, I bought a bag.

I was glad it was a small bag.

The cheese smell jumps out of the bag at you, and not in a good way. In fact, I had to move the bag away for a moment and reset my senses before trying them so I wouldn’t be so biased.  I took a big handful and chowed down, wanting to get a good sense of the flavor and texture, and although my disappointment with this snack wasn’t as bad as the smell made me predict it would be, the experience wasn’t pleasant.

There was plenty of cheese flavor in these thin puff sticks, but it’s not cheese I would enjoy with anything. If you’ve ever had nacho chips at a sporting event and they poured the golden cheese sauce over chips, that’s the basic flavor involved here, but it goes past that. You have to mix in a little bit of the flavor of the cheese used by Doritos for their Nacho Cheese / “default red bag” chips. You might like those Doritos, and you could possibly be a fan of sporting event nacho cheese “whiz”, but the combination didn’t play out well with the Burger King Snack fries.

The crunch was good, but the puffy sticks were a lot thinner than those from Andy Capp snacks, and the Burger King snack didn’t have the corn flavor that comes along with Andy Capp Hot Fries or BBQ Fries (both of which I’d recommend over this Burger King snack).

If you try the snack, make sure you have a napkin – or two or three. They’re messier than Cheetos.