How great is it when game designers combine brutality and creativity into a title and slap a MATURE rating on it?  If that sentence strikes a positive chord with you, then Bulletstorm is a game you need to know about.  The game drops on February 22nd, which is ironically the birthday of a girl who is the least likely of my friends to ever want to play the game, but the demo is now available online.

While I don’t have the technology (yet) to share videos of my gameplay, the great folks at Video Games Awesome DO have that technology (it’s a huge part of how I know about them), and I wanted to make sure that the GuysNation audience didn’t miss this preview.

With the mature nature of this video, be advised it’s NSFW.  Or most parents.

If you haven’t already, check out the demo and leave your feedback, positive and negative, and we’ll do the same!

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