Tonight, prime time dressed to the nine, the NFL draft take center stage, and if anybody try to change my channel on my television, there’s gonna be hell to pay.  I don’t care if Obama himself has something to say to the country, I wanna know who those teams are going to be picking!

Here’s my thoughts, in the Bud View:

Sam Bradford is gonna be picked number 1 overall.  Unless my Washington Redskins can get the Rams to trade that pick for the #4 and Jason Campbell, it’s going to be St. Louis, and they’re gonna get a heck of a player.  I don’t really want to see the Burgundy & Gold pick him up, ’cause no matter what the analysts want to tell you, the 4-12 record last year don’t mean we have to blow up the team.  Look at Pittsburgh a few years ago, doing well, had an off season, then bounced right back.  NFC South does it every other year, all the teams, not just one of them.  Little decisions here and there can make or break games, so can poor execution and poor planning.  The Washington Redskins can easily be a 10 win team, but Sam Bradford wouldn’t contribute to that in 2010, and I think there are better options out there.

Detroit Lions need lots of help, but in that NFC North you gotta be able to have a stout defense, so they need Suh in the 2 spot.  Their run defense was poor last year, and Suh knows how to play the run defense.  I also think that his old defense in college was too limiting and told him to play the run too much, so when you open it up for him, he’s gonna show you good things in the pass defense game, too.  Especially with that Kyle Vanden Bosch backing him up.

Kansas City Chiefs need to take Gerald McCoy for their defensive line.  They don’t need a QB, since they have Matt Cassel to do that position.  They might need an offensive lineman, but since I want some Okung on my team, the Chiefs better be hands off.  You hear me, Pieoli?

If the Washington Redskins stay in the #4 spot and Okung is available, he better come on board.  I guess Trent Williams would be alright if Okung is gone, but I want Okung on this team, or maybe even that Bryan Bulaga guy who people just now started talking about.  Everything I’m hearing about him is that he’s got great leadership qualities and some good habits in the weight room and study room.  Sounds to me like the offensive lineman version of Brian Orakpo, and I could go for the Double O Tandem of leadership.

I’m no Todd McShay or Mel Kiper Jr, so I ain’t going all the way through the first round with all my thoughts ’cause frankly I don’t get paid enough to spend time looking at all those guys and tryin’ to figure it all out, but I will tell you some other things I know.

I know that Jimmy Claussen better be hoping that Buffalo thinks he’s the man, otherwise it could be hard for him to find a spot to land in the first round.  Washington won’t be taking him.  Cleveland Browns learned their lesson about Notre Dame quarterbacks, so I doubt they take him.  Maybe Cincinnati thinks he could be the heir apparent to Carson Palmer who’s getting up in age, or maybe even Indianapolis with Peyton Manning, but would those teams want to take him first round?  I’d doubt it.  If Pittsburgh can trade Roethlisberger for a couple decent draft picks, maybe they’ll pick him up, although one of the dumbest things I heard all day on the radio was somebody saying that the Rams wouldn’t want Big Ben Roethlisberger just because he wouldn’t be available the first few weeks of the season.  Oh really?  And they’d plan to start Sam Bradford from day 1?  Come on, now.  If you want to make the argument that they would rather have Bradford than Roethlisberger, don’t make your reasons be all about the first few weeks in September 2010, ’cause that’s not a good reasoning.

Oakland Raiders?  They got my attention because you know they could use a new QB, but would they draft one?  No, I don’t think so, because Al Davis loves him some JaMarcus Russel – even though Russel can’t play at the NFL level with the talent surrounding him.  Maybe Russel could play well as a New England Patriot, but if you suit me up in New England with those receivers and running backs and offensive line, I’ll throw you a few touchdowns this season, bet on that.

Tim Tebow made a good decision not to stay up there in New York.  He may as well return to Florida for a few days, because unless those Patriots and Bill Belichek think he’s a good guy to develop behind Tom Brady, then Tebow isn’t getting picked until the second round – unless Jacksonville wants to sell some jerseys.

Colt McCoy is my pick to go later than he should – either in the first round or the second round – and whoever gets him is gonna be happy with their choice.  The kid knows how to win and he’s smart and he makes the right choices.  I could see him being a pro bowl guy for years to come.

Only guy left to talk about is Eric Berry.  You ever seen what Ed Reed and Darren Sharper can do?  How about some Sean Taylor, R.I.P.?  That’s your Eric Berry.  Teams would be lucky to have him, and all the talk about Tim Tebow, Jimmy Clausen, Suh, Okung and Big Ben Roethlisberger has kept ESPN from talking about Eric Berry, but mark the words, Tampa Bay Buccanneers look like the luckiest team on the board for Berry just falling to them, and it’s going to make their defense tough to play against again.

C.J. Spiller?  Dez Bryant?  Not going to waste much time talking about those guys, because they’re going to fall somewhere in the middle of the first round.  Spiller might end up packing the 1-2 punch with Justin Forsett up in Seattle or in Cleveland.  Dez Bryant could be a Cleveland Brown, where they could really use a good wide receiver for their West Coast Offense they’re about to impart, or he’d probably end up in Oakland – which is where Bryan Bulaga should be.

Seem like too much information?  That’s why it’s tough to talk about the NFL draft before hand.

I’m goin’ back to bed.  Wake me up before 7 pm so I can catch an exciting few hours of college kids turning pro.

Don’t agree with me?  That’s fine, nobody’s got it all figured out.  That’s the Bud View.