You’ve all seen pictures of this super sexy Canadian all over the Internet and wished that she lived next door to you. If you havent then this is your first day on the Internet, welcome. I reached out to Bryci because one, Im a huge fan. Two, I heard through the grape-vine that she’s one of the coolest chicks. And that she is. Check out this super sexy interview below.

Turd Ferguson – What are your official measurements?
Bryci – 28G – 24 – 34
Turd Ferguson – G?! As in A,B,C,D,E,F,G?!
Bryci – Yeser!

TF – How often do you update
Bryci – 4-5 times a week, that’s not counting my blogthat I update almost every day!

TF – How long have you been in the modeling world?
Bryci – I started modelling in February 2009, exclusively for, but before that I was actually a model photographer.

TF – If we were on a first date, how would it go?
Bryci – I love my first dates to be going somewhere fun where we can laugh, instead of some boring stuffy awkward dinner.

TF – Whats the one thing a guy can tell you that will get you to have sex with him?
Bryci – “I’m in a band.” HaHa no! Just kidding, honestly I’ve never slept with someone that I haven’t been dating a while, I’m a tough one to crack.

For a dozen more pics and the rest of the interview, including:

  • her favorite sexual position
  • what she wears to bed (depending on the season)
  • why she was naked for the interview
  • what she’d do with Ryan Gosling, William Shatner and Justin Bieber

…check out!