A decade ago, Brock Lesnar left WWE. Then a few months ago, he decides to return. He’s there for a month or so, loses to Cena, makes some contract demands, gets shot down by Triple H and returns the favor by breaking his arm, then quits. Triple H goads him into a fight, Lesnar breaks his arm again (this time at SummerSlam), and now apparently Lesnar has quit. Again. Through Paul Heyman. Again. This time on Tout instead of RAW:

Brock Lesnar Quits WWE Again via TOUT


Do I buy it? Not in the slightest.

Listen to how he made the announcement, on a WWE-endorsed medium, whose title is “My client, #BrockLesnar’s final words to the WWE Universe”, hyping that it’s coming from Paul Heyman. And yet, Heyman wasn’t in the video, nor did he speak for Brock. If this were Lesnar quitting on his own, the words would’ve been more fluid. It wouldn’t sound like he was reading from a script. His sub-par acting abilities wouldn’t be on display because he wouldn’t be acting, and he probably wouldn’t have made it public. Again.

Lesnar has a contract to perform a limited number of dates in a year, and I see him fulfilling those dates. Quitting, again, gives him an opportunity to sit on the sidelines and wait to be reinserted into the landscape.

Not having Lesnar on the show week to week is a good thing, in my opinion. He SHOULD be a special attraction. He doesn’t need to prove himself by mowing down mid-carders or destroying current main eventers who will be on the scene long after he’s actually gone for good. He’ll be back, most likely when The Undertaker shows up, and they’ll have a fun feud, probably making it seem like Lesnar could end “The Streak”.

Lesnar isn’t done with The WWE Universe. Not for good, anyway. Not even for 2012.

But you can be sure that he won’t be wrestling at Night Of Champions, or anything else until Survivor Series.