A day is coming which I never expected:  On Monday, January 4, Bret Hart returns to Monday Night RAW.

After the events of late 1997, I never thought that Bret Hart would do any significant business with WWE.  I understood when he agreed to assist in the efforts for his “Best Of” DVD, as he wanted a hand in how he would be remembered (not that anyone would think that the WWE would do a negative-slant on the project as they did for Ultimate Warrior).  It wasn’t surprising that Bret agreed to do an appearance at his Hall of Fame induction a few years ago, stating that he’d like to be there to thank the fans.  The weekend of his Hall of Fame induction, Bret Hart declined the opportunity to be involved in Wrestlemania AT ALL, and reports have stated that he also declined to be paid for any involvement in the proceedings.

To show up on Monday Night RAW?  It’s shocking to me, but I guess it’s a testament to how sometimes hostilities and ill-will can settle down.

Reports are stating that his hosting of Monday Night RAW on 1/4/2010 is only the beginning, and that he’ll be involved up through Wrestlemania 26.  Although this marks something that I would’ve never anticipated, there are a few things left involved in the situation which would surprise me which some people are claiming could occur:

1 – I don’t expect Bret Hart to be involved with DX at all.  He has stated numerous times that he wants NOTHING to do with Triple H or Shawn Michaels AT ALL.  Some people have stated that with DX’s large presence on RAW that it would be hard to avoid them all together, and although I somewhat agree with that sentiment, I would be very surprised if the angle Bret does involves HHH or HBK.  I don’t think he would trust them, and I don’t think he respects them.  Some people are claiming that WWE might stage some sort of “apology” session where HBK tries to make amends with Bret, but after reading his book I don’t think Hart would be interested in that sort of thing, and hearing some of Shawn’s comments (from interviews and his own book), I don’t believe it’s going to happen.  If they did it, it would only be a way for DX to shake that one last big of significant negativity that would otherwise always be (to some degree) associated to them.

2 – I don’t expect to see Bret Hart involved in any sort of official match.  Any kind of “bump” at this point could result in serious damage to Bret, as he experienced years ago when a bike riding fall lead to a major set-back.  The concussions he sustained were very serious, and I don’t think he’s going to risk anything.  I could see an unofficial match / physical encounter between him and Vince McMahon to happen sometime between now and the end of Wrestlemania 26, involving Bret punching Vince and putting him into the Sharpshooter, but as far as anyone else getting any offense on Bret?  I don’t see it happening.

3 – As interesting as it could be for Bret to become a manager for the Hart Dynasty, I don’t really see that as being in the works either.  A couple weeks ago they got a microphone after a match and distanced themselves from the Hart Foundation of a decade ago, stating that they were younger, faster, more talented, etc than their forefathers.  Besides, if this did happen, it would most likely involve some sort of interaction with DX, which as I stated before, seems highly unlikely to me.

Who knows, though.  I’ve been surprised by his involvement in the past couple years, so I suppose anything’s possible.  I guess that’s why I’ve set my TiVo to record Monday Night RAW, cancelling its recording of the 3-hour TNA Impact which will include Hulk Hogan’s first live appearance at a show for the company.

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