I didn’t think the day would come where these two individuals would return to the WWE roster, given their time spent with TNA Wrestling, but according to several sources, former WCW and WWE World Champions Kevin Nash and Booker T are once again members of the WWE family.

Given the timing of this signing in the days prior to the 40-man Royal Rumble, the biggest list of combatants to which the event has ever played host, one would have to think that there’s a significant chance that the two former World Champions will either be surprise combatants, or otherwise involved in the event.

There is a chance, however, that neither of them is going to be an in-ring competitor.  It’s speculated that Kevin Nash may very well be the identity behind the Anonymous General Manager, which would make sense given some of the witty comments he has made, the fact that he can ride the fence between being a face and heel, and the comment made by the GM about never really liking Bret Hart (as Nash is a member of the Kliq with Shawn Michaels and Triple H, both of whom have a history of being at odds with The Hitman).

While Booker T could be the force behind the Anonymous GM, if he’s not an in-ring competitor, it’s possible that the contract he recently signed might be a Legends contract, whereby WWE can use his likeness in video games and action figures while he makes an appearance from time to time.