You don’t need a full recap of the new episodes of Breaking Bad. What you need is a list of things that we’ve learned, and maybe some questions about what to expect going forward as one of the best television shows of all time winds to a close. The second half of the final season of Breaking Bad aired tonight. Here’s what we learned:

Walter White’s house got boarded up and fenced off. Kids are using the swimming pool to skateboard in. Walt, with his hair grown back and a full beard instead of just the goatee doesn’t heed the warnings, and he heads into the house. Why? Probably not to check out the spray-painted walls, one of which reads Heisenberg… so someone who knows Walter’s situation was there.


The house? All but trashed. Who did it? Not sure. What we do know is that the pack of Ricin he hid inside the electrical outlet was still there.

Apparently one of his neighbors (Carol, I believe, is her name) recognizes him even with the new look. She must have heard about what he did, because she wasn’t capable of keeping a hold on those groceries. Maybe she owed him money.

That last bit was a joke. Not a “laugh out loud” one, but certainly not something you should take seriously. I don’t think he was actually doing business with Carol (neighbor with the groceries, if you forgot her name already).

AMC decided to go the same route for Breaking Bad that they did for Walking Dead with The Talking Dead. I will be recording TALKING BAD, and I hope Chris Hardwick is the host, because he’s good with the zombie talk, and I imagine he’ll be just as good here.

Just like the start of the first half of this season, we flash back in time. We know that because the house is back in order, and the subject is Hank, everyone’s favorite DEA agent. That is, unless you’ve got a DEA agent you prefer.

That note about “W.W.” he found? Seems he’s putting together the pieces, and his longing stares at Walt are giving us the idea that he’s probably making the Heisenberg connection. After going to the hospital following his panic attack, Hank tells his wife not to talk to Skylar about his attack… then he does some handwriting analysis, and he’s probably fairly convinced at this point.

Back together again are Walt and Skylar, and they’re talking about opening a second location. Lots of money to launder, and Skylar seems amenable to it.

Walter’s “former business associate” from his Heisenberg days pays him a visit, and she’s not happy with his hands-off approach. She wants him to dive back in, but Mr White looks to have put the principles of chaos and uncertainty behind him.

That’s right, I made a chemistry reference.

As for the “former business associate”? The new Skylar isn’t putting up with that, and she tells her to hit the road and invites her not to return.

Hank’s not going into the office, but he’s bringing the work to him… in the form of about a half-dozen file boxes.

Boulder chips make an appearance. Blinked and you probably missed it. If you never had them, you probably missed it. They’re good chips, you should try them.

Regardless of how much development we’ve seen from Jesse Pinkman over the past couple seasons, he was still hanging out with Skinny Pete and Badger.

Saul_Jesse_SY427_For those of you who thought we had seen the last of Saul Goodman, we haven’t. Jesse is looking to unload $5 M in cash, half of it to Hitman / Driverman Mike’s granddaughter, and the other half to the parents of the kid who got killed during the train robbery job. Saul isn’t so sure what to do, so he contacts Walt.

By the way, the TALKING BAD? It apparently IS hosted by Chris Hardwick, and they have a great hashtag for tonight’s show: #LikeWhiteOnRicin

It would seem that Walter doesn’t want Jesse to give away the money, because he gets it back from Saul and returns it to Jesse. Out of the things Jesse is worrying about, part of it revolves around Mike. See, Walt won’t admit to having killed Mike, but Pinkman has the story straight. He knows Walt well enough to know what happened to Mike, but he plays along, pretending to believe Walt – who insists “I need you to believe me”.

For the first time, Walt is getting the idea that Hank might be onto him. The Leaves Of Grass book “W.W.” got from Gale – the one Walt keeps in the bathroom – is gone, he knows Hank hasn’t been going into the office all week… since Hank was last at his house.

Oh, and he found the tracking device on his car, so there’s that, too.

Jesse decides to go the altruistic route with the money. He hands a stack of it to a homeless man, then throws stacks of it onto peoples’ doorsteps for them to happen across.

Walt pays Hank a visit, and after a very mild encounter, things get real…

See, Walt decides to come back to ask about the tracker he found under his car… Hank closes the garage door… and the conversation finally happens.

Though it starts with Hank decking Walt with a huge right hand.

Hank IS pissed that it has been Walt all along. He pieced together the car accident when they were going to check on the laundry facility. The phone call that he got… the bombing of the nursing home… he put it all together. Walt starts to deny it, but Hank is so convinced that he’s not going to let Walt talk him out of it.

Another big revelation: Walt’s cancer is back, and he’s doing chemotherapy again. He tries to convince Hank that it’s probably not worth pursuing the case, because Walt wouldn’t be around to serve jail time.

Walt flips the Heisenberg switch again when Hank says that Walt needs to bring Skylar and the kids over so they can all talk… and Walt assures him that’s not going to happen. Perhaps the biggest line of the night, in response to Hank saying he doesn’t know who Walt is anymore, Walt keeps that part of his persona up, knowing he’s in a position of power, and responds: “If that’s true, if you don’t know who I am, then maybe the best course would be to tread lightly.”

Summing It Up:

The cancer is back, and so is Skylar

Walt isn’t cooking anymore

Walt is still heavy in the lying business

Jesse Pinkman sees through Walt’s lies and has a really guilty conscience

Hank knows, and he won’t be dissuaded by Walt

Somewhere before the flash forward, lots of people find out who Heisenberg is

…and Badger really likes Star Trek

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