Current NABO and IBA Heavyweight champion James Toney recently signed with UFC to compete in mixed martial arts, and he’s setting his sights high. Friday night on HDNet’s “Inside MMA”, James Toney said the following:

“I want Brock Lesnar […] I’m the heavyweight champion of the world vs. the UFC champion. That’d be a hell of a match … I’ll fight anybody you got.”

The 41 year old boxing champ likely won’t get to fight Lesnar any time soon. He’s got an incredible boxing record – 72 wins with only 6 losses – but he’s going to have to prove that his skills will translate to fights where he doesn’t only have to worry about the opponent trying to punch him. Questions abound concerning Toney’s ability to defend against takedowns, leg kicks as well as any talented wrestling or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu attack. At his age, it could be tough for Toney to adapt his skills to be as effective in UFC as he clearly is in boxing. There’s certainly a reason Dana White signed Toney to a UFC contract, though, so you’d have to think that there’s a chance the boxing champ could fare well in his first couple fights, potentially setting up the fight with Lesnar he’s looking for, but it won’t happen until he’s got a few under his belt, and it’s not because Lesnar already has his next two opponents lined up.  If Fedor Emelianenko showed up in UFC, he’d get a fight with Lesnar as soon as possible, but James Toney is not Fedor.

Toney still provides the potential for compelling fights, so I’ll be watching.