After what seems like an eternity, guys can rejoice because a chick-flick no longer reigns supreme at the movie theater box office. THE HELP was finally knocked out of the top spot. Not surprisingly, it was CONTAGION which brought in the most money this past weekend hauling in $22.4 M, more than twice what The Help earned.

WARRIOR, a flick which all guys should have on their “must see” list, came in third with $5.2M in earnings, only being released into about 2/3 the number of theaters that THE HELP is still being shown in, which means that WARRIOR will likely surpass the Emma Stone flick next weekend for several reasons (great reviews, increased release, this article urging people to go see it).

Other than those two movies, none of the other movies opening this weekend even cracked the top 12. Just like I predicted last week, BUCKY LARSON fell on its face. It had a relatively low $10 M budget… and it only brought in $1.45 M to put it in the #15 spot for the weekend. Kevin Hart: Laugh At My Pain, a movie I didn’t even know existed, brought in $1.9 M.

The only other film in the box office this week to earn more than $4 M was THE DEBT in its second weekend, which brought in $4.7 M to officially surpass its budget of $20 M by bringing its overall earnings to $21 M.

APOLLO 18 got leap-frogged by SHARK NIGHT 3D, the PLANET OF THE APES prequel and COLOMBIANA. The mockumentary dropped from the #3 spot to #8 (with only two debuts inserting themselves ahead of it) as its earnings drop 67%… but its producers are likely pleased by the fact that it has already tripled its budget in earnings, bringing in $15 M on its $5 M budget.

Also to be pleased are the folks behind OUR IDIOT BROTHER, which has now earned $21.3 M on its $5 M budget.

CONAN THE BARBARIAN continues to slip, having taken a huge drop in earnings in its fourth weekend, having now only brought in $20 M of its $90 M budget.

The quick summary:

  1. Contagion ($22.4)
  2. The Help ($8.9)
  3. Warrior ($5.2)
  4. The Debt ($4.77)
  5. Colombiana ($3.9)
  6. Rise of the Planet of the Apes ($3.88)
  7. Shark Night 3D ($3.4)
  8. Apollo 18 ($2.8)
  9. Our Idiot Brother ($2.6)
  10. Spy Kids ($2.5)
  11. Crazy, Stupid, Love ($2.26)
  12. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark ($2.16)
  13. Kevin Hart: Laugh At My Pain ($1.9)
  14. The Smurfs ($1.8)
  15. Bucky Larson ($1.4)

Opening Next Week

Drive – Ryan Gosling plays a stunt man who moonlights as a getaway driver in a flick which all but promises cool car chases.

Straw Dogs – remake of the hardcore, adult version of Home Alone. If you like violent thrillers, you’ll be checking this out.

The Lion King (in 3D) – Disney Classic gets released with new visual technology? If you’ve got kids, there are more annoying films you could be taking them to, so count yourself lucky that this is getting a re-release in theaters

I Don’t Know How She Does It – have a woman in your life who feels under-appreciated because of everything she does? She’ll probably want to see this at some point. Good luck in trying to avoid it this week with relatively little else to take her to in the theater. Maybe you’ll be lucky and she hasn’t seen Crazy, Stupid, Love yet, which I’ve heard is good. Or at the very least, Our Idiot Brother.

Releasing On DVD

  • Thor
  • Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop

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