Before I started these snack reviews, I didn’t even know there were such a thing as Salt & Pepper flavored chips, but it’s certainly a type of chip more people need to be aware of, just like they need to know about Boulder Canyon chips.

The brand is hard to find in my area, and I’m hoping that as more people enjoy the Boulder Canyon chips, they’ll be carried in more stores because they really are a good brand based on the three different varieties I’ve tried thus far.

This time around I went with the Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper kettle cooked chips. Based on the richness of flavors I experienced from other Boulder Canyon varieties, I was curious how strong the pepper taste would be. What I found was an enjoyable experience with understated pepper and salt inclusion in these chips. When I started trying the chips, I was a little underwhelmed, but after I had three or four of them, I started to realize that this was a really good pairing of the salt and pepper, because the pepper wasn’t overwhelming like I’ve found in other varieties, and although there doesn’t seem to be too much salt, the more you eat, you’ll realize that the addictive nature of these chips is probably due to the excellent amount of salt. It’s not so much salt that you notice it right away, nor does it make you thirsty, but it does just enough to get your taste buds wanting more.

Boulder Canyon with yet another winning variety. I can’t wait to try others!

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