Boulder Canyon Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt ChipsAs my attention turned to Salt & Vinegar chips in my quest to review as many types of chips as possible, I stumbled upon the previously unbeknownst-to-me brand BOULDER CANYON, and I will admit, after my first sampling, I’m very impressed.

The packaging will tell you about the natural ingredients, the fact that it’s kettle cooked, and that it lacks cholesterol and trans fats. What you really need to know, you’ll have to delve into the bag to find out.

The crunch of the chips is adequate (I’ve yet to find a chip from any brand which was above “adequate”, though some brands have been sub-par), but the taste is what has me hooked. There’s a very nice mixture of malt vinegar in these chips, in several forms, no less:

  • Malt vinegar powder
  • Malt extract
  • White Vinegar powder

The sea salt content was equally nice. I started to say it could use more, but it’s very subtle while you’re eating the chip, after you finish and the vinegar taste is done lingering, I found the lip-licking aftermath goodness to be the strongest asset of the saltiness.

Tired of your keyboard / video game controller / (office or school) papers getting greasy from eating chips? These barely leave any residue on the fingers after snacking.

I’d definitely buy these again.  Definitely enjoyed them more than the Cape Cod or PopChips options.

For those of you who are interested in the health info, these had less than 50% calories from fat (130 / 60).