Though I enjoy a variety of chip flavors, I’m always game to try out a bag of barbeque chips. I’m sure my first foray into the chip world was with a regular variety, but my first love was always the barbeque option, and so whenever I see an option from a company I’ve never tried, I like to pick up a bag. Such was the case with the Boulder Canyon brand, and I’m very glad I did.

These chips are a little sweet, a little tangy and definitely have a smoky side to them.

One of my favorite aspects of these chips is the big crunch they provide – crunchier than the typical kettle cooked chip, which is quite an accomplishment.

They’re also not very greasy, with their calories to “calories from fat” ratio at 130 / 60.

With all the other flavors I’ve seen on their website and the enjoyment I had from their Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt chips, I’m looking forward to trying their other options.