If you’ve been counting down the days until the wub wub tastic Borderlands 2 hits stores, I’m about to make the wait even harder for you. This past Thursday, the fine folks at Gearbox Software finally pulled back the curtain on two different special editions of the highly anticipated game. In addition, the final box art was finally revealed and believe me, it’s even better/crazier than the first. If you’re looking for more loot, read on!

So all in all, you’ll have 3 versions to pick from. the first is the standard 60 dollar version. Not good enough? Well, you also have a 100 dollar and 150 dollar edition of the game as well so lets take a closer look:

Deluxe Vault Hunter’s Collector’s Edition ($100)
What You Get: Obviously you’re getting a copy of the game but you can also expect to get your hands on a Marcus Kincaid Bobblehead, a copy of Inside the Vault: The Art and Design of Borderlands 2, a collectible sticker set, a map of Pandora, a digital comic download code and bonus in-game DLC.

Ultimate Loot Chest Edition ($150)
What You Get: Want to drop some serious cash? This version is for you. In addition to the game and everything in the Deluxe version, you’re also getting a steelbook case, a Creatures of Pandora wide-format ID chart, a lithograph postcard set, field notes from Sir Hammerlock, a cloth map of Pandora, a numbered certificate of authenticity and a collectible scaled replica of a red loot chest from the game. Lootastic!

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