Entering the 2011 NFL draft, the Buffalo Bills own 9 picks: 3, 34, 68, 100, 122, 133, 169, 206 and 244.  I’m still not all that happy with last year’s 1st round pick of CJ Spiller.  Don’t get me wrong … Spiller’s 95 speed in Madden 11 rocks; I just wish that translated into reality.  This year with the #3 pick, we’re talking about a starter … a game changer … the type of player that you build a franchise around.  I’ve read all the articles and seen the mock drafts (which I hate btw).  I have a difficult time believing NFL GM’s and coaches are being totally honest with the reporters when they discuss the draft.  Don Banks from SI.com, and pretty much every other Mock Draft, has the Bills taking Cam Newton and “not exactly making a secret of their interest in Newton”.  Isn’t this the same team last year that SHOCKED the draft by taking Spiller … out of the blue … no one saw it coming?  I think they’re shopping the pick, for starters.  This draft is loaded with defense and the Bills need the most help there.  Sure, offensively they’re not exactly lighting up the scoreboard but they really need help on the defensive side. I’d love to see them move down and pick up a couple of extra picks.  If they do stay in the 3 spot, I think Marcell Dareus, the junior from Alabama, will be gone at either #1 or #2.  That leaves Bowers, Miller and Fairley on the board at 3.  I’m not sold on Fairley as I feel he had a lot of talent around him at Auburn.  Between Bowers and Miller, I’m taking Miller.  Did you see this kid at the combine?  Good lord he’s a monster.  He’s the impact player you need with this pick, he’s an instant starter and he will terrorize Quarterbacks.  I think Cam Newton will be a good quarterback in the NFL … not great … good.  With all the questions swirling around Newton’s off the field activities, I can’t see Buffalo taking this kid.  Ralph doesn’t like baggage with his players.  Von Miller, however, is going to be a great linebacker.  Buffalo isn’t desperate for a QB right now as Fitzpatrick is filling the position admirably.

I’ve got Buffalo taking Von Miller in the 3 spot in my “Mock Draft”.