No Plaxico Burress, No Amani Toomer, no problem?  Would the Giants be able to overcome losing their top 2 wide receivers?

They still had one of the nastiest defenses in the league, so would that be able to overcome the inexperience at WR?  You’ve all heard about the great depth on defense for the G-MEN, but what has happened to that once very deep depth on D?  Jay Alford tears his ACL in pre-season and boom we lose our long snapper for the season.  Ok, we still have depth.  CB Aaron Ross, out with a hamstring, DT Chris Canty, same (and now a calf).  CB Kevin Dockery?  You guessed it, hamstring.  We seeing a pattern?  And now their starting Strong Safety Kenny Phillips has a bum knee.  The Giants already controversially only carried 3 safeties on the roster with C.C. Brown being the only backup.   If Phillips is out Sunday versus the rival Cowboys, we’re screwed.

On top of that, they only carried 3 Running Backs on their roster and what happens on the first kickoff?  Danny Ware dislocates his elbow and is out 2-4 weeks.  What was TC thinking?  You carried 7 WRs and you have your ONLY 2 backup RBs on KR?  They tried out various RBs this week like veterans Lorenzo Booker, Dominic Rhodes and T.J. Duckett but who was the winner to replace Ware?  The Chargers 4th round draft pick RB Gartrell Johnson (who happened to be taken just a few picks after the Giants 4th round draft pick RB Andre Brown, who is on IR), can he make an impact?  We shall see…

Back to the WRs, the Giants started the season with Dominick Hixon and Steve Smith as #1 and #2.  Personally, I feel Steve Smith is GREAT as the slot receiver, which would technically make him #3 (but again he is forced to be a top 2), so who would step up?  A WR who went to the same college as Amani Toomer, last year’s 3rd round pick, WR Mario Manningham.  3 catches, 58 yards and 1 touchdown in Game 1.  Not bad, I feel if he can keep this up he’d be a great #2 receiver.  So who else would step up?  Prior to Week 1, I would have said the Giants #1 draft pick, WR Hakeem Nicks, but in his first NFL game, he gets hurt and is out 2-4 weeks, thank God he evaded a Lis-franc sprain, but now what?  Giants still have 6 WRs on the roster.  Rookie Ramses Barden is likely to be a scratch again.  That leaves 5.  Derek Hagan is best suited for Special Teams.  There is one WR that NEEDS to step up.  People kept saying he should have been cut.  Now is his time to prove everyone wrong.  That’s right, Sinorice Moss, I’m talking about you.  Show the world that the Giants didn’t make a mistake taking you in the 2nd round of the 2006 draft.  You are the “veteran” WR on this team, so MAN UP.  If Moss can step it up, it’ll definitely ease the pain of losing Nicks for 2-4 weeks.  At the moment, Hixon is forced to be a top 2 receiver, since he’s best suited to be a KR & PR.  The wildcard is Moss.  He had a great final pre-season game, granted it was against scrubs but 2 TDs is encouraging.  If it can translate into regular season games, he could shock people this year.

So Hixon, Smith, Manningham and Moss, you four NEED to come up big if the Giants expect to continue their winning ways.  The defense isn’t in the greatest shape at the moment and the WRs need to show everyone that they aren’t the weakest link of the team.

Can the Giants beat the Cowboys, with a banged up Romo, on Sunday Night Football?  As a HUGE Big Blue fan, I sure hope so.  We shall see Sunday night.  I will be rocking my #83 Sinorice Moss jersey, let’s see if he can step it up big.

As my favorite t-shirt from the Giants Super Bowl winning season states: