Today’s Twitter hashtag of note is #DisneyPickUpLines, and while some of them are absurd, lame, eye-roll inducing or just not creative, there are some that made me laugh… albeit, some of that was due to how BAD they were, but it was a laugh nevertheless, so I want to share some of them with you.

I’ll do my best to promote the Twitter accounts of the originator of the comments, but that’s not always easy to discern.

Enjoy, and I hope you’re still able to enjoy Disney movies after reading this!

I don’t need to take you on the Tower of Terror to get you screaming… (@Lord_Voldemort7)

How do you make a fairy moan? You tink’er’bell. (@AlexAllTimeLow)

Tonight let’s try out the “Hannah Montana”… two girls at the same time. (@Lord_Voldemort7)

Just call me Jack Sparrow..I’m hunting for treasure and I’m really digging your chest!!!!! (@shiversquivers)

“I’ll bibbity your bobbity, boo” (@allymarie711)

Is your nose the only thing that grows??? (@JoannaRondo9)

I ain’t no Dumbo.If you sleep with me I’ll wear a condom to catch my cool runnings so we don’t end up in the parent trap (@YoungMeloGTB)

Girl, just call me Mr. Incredible (@LegendOfTerensu)

“darling it’s better down where it’s wetter, take it from me” (@WakeUpSonia)

They don’t call me Woody for nothing! (@D_DelJ19)

I dont have a magic carpet But I can show you a whole new world (@DaDuke360)


Me and my friend wanna be your Rescuers Down Under. (@tristatemomma)

hey babe. Want too try my hundred acre wood? (@haazy_jr)

“Baby I can take you to infinity and beyond!!” (@ItsPhillyBaby)

if you be my beauty, i will show you my beast (@Kyro22Rose)

After meeting me you’ll want to spend more time in bed than Sleeping Beauty. (@Lord_Voldemort7)