There have rumors floating around the internet for months that Benecio del Toro was playing Khan (The legendary character ffrom the Original Star Trek sequel.) in the new “Star Trek” Sequel. Those rumors then came to fruition last week when The Latino Review announced he was playing the role. Those rumors were then quickly shot down when J. J Abrams came out and blatantly stated that Del Toro would NOT be playing Khan in the new movie, making fanboys everywhere question who he could be playing.

Well according to various online sources Del Toro won’t be playing ANY role because his deal fell through. A few speculate it could have dealt with the fact that Abrams won’t let any of the actors read the script, well others say it was simply a money issue. In all truth though, we will never know for sure unless Del Toro comes out and tells us, which is highly unlikely. Seems that JJ abrams was only half right though as a highly placed source told vulture that Khan is indeed the villain…

Which is interesting. I can see why Abrams would want to use one of the most iconic “Star Trek” villains ever, from the best “Star Trek” movie ever, but at the same time… Come on. Hollywood really is out of original ideas aren’t they if they have to start using villains from older movies, just to make money. I would assume the name “Star Trek” would be enough to pull billions of dollars without the wrath Khan on the box office needed. Why can’t they create an original villain. If I wanna watch the enterprise battle Khan, then I’ll watch the original which will probably  still be the greatest Star Trek movie ever movie when all is said and done…  Not that I’m saying this won’t be bad, but it’s no “Wrath”. Anyway, there’s no clue as to who will now be playing the character, but I will keep everyone posted on further details!










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