Alright folks it is time for another beer review. This time we are reviewing a beer that is famous in the craft beer community. Unfortunately it is famous for being an atrocious excuse for a beer. I have finally been able to get my hands on this sucker so its time to give it a go. The name of the beer is Cave Creek Chili Beer. This one is from Arizona and sports a 4.2 alcohol percentage. It is classified as a chili beer, a style I have never visited before so this should be an experience to say the least.

Appearance:  I poured this one into a glass about an hour after finishing Thanksgiving dinner. It has a hazy yellow color with a head that was very small. The head on this beer receded quicker than any beer I’ve ever seen before. I will give some bonus points because the chili pepper in the bottle is a cool little novelty.

Smell: I’m not very impressed with the smell. What faint scents I do get are that of chili peppers and lots of spices. This beer is hard to get a nose for and that worries me for the next step…

Taste: Oh boy here we go… Wow, this is intense heat. The first few seconds are a decent Mexican Lager flavor but then that chili just dominates your mouth. This beer is a scorcher and does not try to hide it at all. When it comes to other flavors, there are none, just pure chili and pain. I won’t say I have the strongest mouth and pain threshold, but it’s not too bad and three minutes after my first few drinks I’m still feeling it.


All this beer is good for is the drain and trash


Mouthfeel:  Aside from the heat this beer is totally overcarbonated. The drinkability is near zero. This beer is nothing more than a novelty or joke beer. I poured this one into a half pint and didn’t even get through that.


Overall:  While this is possibly the worst beer I’ve ever had I can’t say that you should totally avoid it. There are a number of possibilities with this one. Cave Creek Chili beer is a phenomenal practical joke beer and I can see a few ways this could be used for cooking. As a beer to be drank, if you see this beer try your hardest not to smash it on the floor. If you choose to take the challenge then by all means let me know how you did, but godspeed to you.