With Battlefield 3’s next DLC pack, “Armored Kill”, still a few weeks away EA and DICE have recently come out and shed light on the fourth DLC pack for Battlefield 3, Aftermath.

Aftermath is bringing four new maps to the table and a brand new game mode which hasn’t yet been revealed. While we don’t have the most detailed information, we do know that Aftermath is set in a post apocalyptic earthquake ruined Tehran, where players will battle each other on the wreckage and devastation while struggling to stay alive. The maps included will be focused more on the urban landscape while also providing plenty of places to explore both vertical vantage points and within the cracks and fissures caused by the quake. Aftermath will also feature heavily modified troop transports and civilian vehicles to help navigate the altered landscape. I can only image what DICE has up their sleeves with the Frostbite 2 engine at their disposal. I’m predicting some very cool features to these maps.

I hope you weren’t holding out hope for some sort of campaign or solo content as it doesn’t appear that’s in the cards. While “Endgame” hasn’t officially been commented on, there are rumors floating around that it’ll feature more maps like the previous 4 content packs. Still most people grab Call of Duty or Battlefield for the multiplayer side anyway, and I think EA and DICE both know that, hence why they’re focusing only on this aspect of the game. We’ve still got a while to wait on both DLC packs, so expect to hear more has we approach the end of the year. Aftermath is scheduled to hit sometime in December while Endgame will be yours in March 2013.

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