One of 2016’s most anticipated movie releases features two of the most iconic characters in the past 100 years. So with Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice hitting theaters this week, its marketing is at a an all-time high, giving people a last minute reminder to see it, before the reviews start rolling in.

A child of the 80s, when I saw the Batman and Superman breakfast cereal options, I almost had no choice but to try them. And I haven’t had cereal for breakfast more than five times in the past two years.

Superman option

I started with the Superman option, because based on the descriptions I figured there’s less chance that it’s going to impact my opinion on the second bowl. The cereal itself is decent when eaten by the handful, but when eaten with a spoon, drenched in milk, it’s really good. The caramel flavor is just right, and the air-puffed bits have the right amount of crunch and softness, even after sitting in milk for five minutes. It tastes a lot like Corn Pops, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re just a variation on the ingredients and process to make it. The caramel takes the Corn Pop experience and improves upon it.

Batman option

Whereas I would eat a handful of the Superman version by the handful, I wouldn’t do the same with the Batman option. The strawberry and chocolate mix features versions of both flavors which don’t hit the mark. Adding milk to it doesn’t make it much better, either. Putting all of my cards on the table, I will say that I’ve rarely ever been a fan of chocolate cereal. This does remind me quite a bit of Chocolate Rice Krispies, of which I wasn’t particularly a fan, but the strawberry flavor mixed in doesn’t help. With this being a limited time novelty item, I don’t expect they were looking for the best flavors to encourage repeat customers. I certainly wouldn’t buy the Batman version again.

The Verdict

Just as with the characters, Superman may be more simply constructed and straight-forward, but he wins the battle. The Batman option tries too hard and goes places with its flavor that are just too bold and miss the mark.

I would eat the Superman cereal every day. I never want to eat the Batman one again, but I’m not a huge fan of many other cereals like it.