If it weren’t for the awesome popcorn, I’d give up on seeing movies in the theater and in return save up my cash and put in a HUGE screen television in my house with state-o-the-art surround sound. There are enough movies I haven’t seen which are already on Blu-Ray that it might be worth it.

But then, there’s the popcorn…

So one of the things keeping me from giving up on the high HIGH HIGH priced movie theater tickets is the fact that I’d also have to give up on the popcorn that goes along with it. I have been known to go to a movie theater, walk up to the concession stand without a ticket, buy a popcorn and go home without seeing a movie. Sure, the price on the popcorn was expensive, but I didn’t have to pay the $14 to get a movie ticket.

Obviously one thing that really hits home with me is the search for a really good bag of popcorn I can buy at the grocery store, hence the start of the Bag-O-PopCorn Battles.

In today’s initial battle, we’ll have the goldeny yellow bag of Utz Butter Popcorn against a throwback-style bag of Popcorn, Indiana’s “Original Movie Theater Popcorn, All Natural, Real Butter, Kettle Popped.

It’s going to be hard for anything store-bought to beat the Utz Butter Popcorn. It has a great mixture of butteriness, saltiness, fluffiness and crunch, and that’s why I have it atop my list of favorite snacks. Is it possible for something else to beat it? Absolutely, because I’d much rather have actual movie theater popcorn than what Utz offers. Makes sense, right? Otherwise I wouldn’t need to have this contest.

I was excited to see the “Popcorn, Indiana” brand come out with a Movie Theater flavor option, since the focus of that company is popcorn and they should have put in plenty of time and effort into making an absurdly superior snack to what Utz – a potato chip company – had to offer.

But they didn’t.

What I’ve got here from Popcorn Indiana is a bag of nearly addictive popcorn which essentially tastes just like something I’ve made at home with my cheap air popper. The crunch is decent, but they definitely went heavy-handed with the salt and light handed with the butter… just like what tends to happen at home with my air popper (unfortunately).

In fact, they were sooo light on the butter that this popcorn could be put into a “regular” bag and no one would likely think any different of it.

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