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I'm born and raised in the D.C. area, been a loyal Redskins fan since George Allen took us to greatness. I'm a country guy at heart so don't expect to see me out there in no Arlington bars and whatnot. I'm more likely to find a good rib joint to sit back and watch my guys play on T.V. I don't care much for hockey, but the Washington Capitals are growing on me quick. I don't rock the red because any money I'm spending on tickets is going to be for the Redskins, and my old lady doesn't care what I wear around the house. I like to be commenting on different stories of all sorts, but I ain't gonna get political because that's a man's own private beliefs and I'm not tryin' to ruin any friendships over something as trivial as which politician I think will lie to us less. Hit me on email if you want something, bud@guysnation.com is what they're giving me, but I don't check it all too frequently. Make sure the subject line says BudFish and Guys Nation in it so I know you're looking for me instead of being some automated spammer now. Take care and I hope you find something about my comments to enjoy. It's about quarter past 4 o'clock so I got an appointment to get to now.
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