The Kings Speech

Rating:  8

You’ll like this movie if you like:
a. Great Acting
b. British dramas
c. History
The King’s Speech is the current darling of the awards circuit.
It is one of those British productions that feature great acting, terrific writing, incredible sets, historical detail, and wonderful direction. It is about as well done as you can do a movie.
So, why didn’t I like it more?
It never fired.
That’s a description you see in The Racing form for a horse that never engages in the race.

To me, as well done as the movie is, it just kind of sits there. I doubt that I could sit through it again. I love being transported to a different place and time, but this trip is like visiting Bellingrath Gardens. You know it’s beautiful, but you’d rather be home watching the game. Any Game.

I guess one of my problems with it is that it reveals how stupid the idea of a British Monarchy is. I know the British love their royalty, but why? Colin Firth, who is a lock, deservedly, to win every Best Actor award given this year, shows that his King Edward was so out of touch with the people, he makes U.S. politicians look totally engaged. Remember when George H. W. Bush didn’t know the price of milk. Believe me, that’s nothing. British royalty has probably never seen a milk carton. Milk is poured for them from the day they’re born from some crystal piece probably worth more than my house. I couldn’t help but wonder how a country puts up with leaders that are born to their role, rather than earn it. While we’re bitching about expensive trips our President takes, Prince Charles has 200 servants, and he’s not even King yet. He’s King in Waiting, for 60 pampered years now. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are. How and when Great Britain transitioned to a parliament, reducing the role of the monarchy – that’s a movie I’d like to see.

Everybody I know loves this movie, so don’t let me discourage you. It really is well done. It’s on a roll, picking up “Best Picture” steam approaching the Oscars. It looks like it’s going to overtake The Social Network, which has been the favorite since the day it came out.

So, here’s my prediction. The King’s Speech will win, then it will join such movies as Out of Africa, The English Patient, and The Last Emperor, never to be heard from again.

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