Heading into the 2010 NFL season many experts viewed Randy Moss as either the #1 or #2 fantasy and real-life wide receiver.  He was coming off of a season in which he posted 83 receptions for 1264 yards and 13 TDs – ranked 11th, 6th and 1st respectively at his position.  And that was with a Tom Brady who was just one year removed from an ACL tear, so things were looking up for the surefire Hall of Fame wideout – even dreams of approaching the record setting season he and Justin Bieber, I mean Tom Brady had back in 2007.

But sometimes things don’t work out as planned.  Fast-forward to week 5 of the regular season and the Patriots ship the All-Pro WR back to his original home in Minnesota.  Things weren’t outwardly bad in New England, but Moss had been criticized by opponents in and out of the division for not just taking plays off but for flat out dogging it on the field when he wasn’t happy about the offensive plan.  You never heard a peep out of Coach Belichick, and Tom Brady continually sung only praise for Randy Moss, but quietly one afternoon the Pats unloaded him to the Vikes.

Now the Vikings were desparate for a playmaker due to their offensive struggles and the fact that last year’s Pro Bowl WR Sidney Rice was out indefinitely from offseason hip surgery; Brett Favre had openly expressed his desire to throw the ball to Randy Moss on more than one occasion while in Green Bay and Minnesota; and Randy Moss had dreamed off catching the deep pass from Favre for some time.  Three positive things that seemed to suggest that the Vikes had found a nice piece to the puzzle to get them back to the playoffs.

Well a funny thing happened on the way to the forum.  And that comedic genius was the return of Mr. Hyde Moss and the bumbling idiot of  head coach Brad Childress.  The romantic reunion of Moss and the Vikes plus greybeard Favre turned sour fast as the Vikes continued to struggle and Childress lost control of his locker room.  Many are quick to suggest that Favre has been insubordinate to the head coach, but if you’ve been watching this team closely it’s the head coach who keeps throwing his players under the bus to save his own ass.  At the Green Bay postgame press conference, Childress did everything short of driving the actual bus over Favre’s back.  Favre just smiled and agreed when asked about the coach’s criticism.  Childress has continually bungled the offense on the field with his play calling and terrible challenges (did you see the one vs. the Pats this weekend on Tate’s catch?!??!).  My point?  Moss doesn’t respond well to a clubhouse where there is no order, and I don’t think there is much order at all with the Vikes.  And Moss let the world know with his 5 minute rant that praised the greatest coach in the world – Belichick – while making subtle criticisms Childress and the Vikings.

Well, Mr. Childress’s feelings were hurt and he decided to release Moss – even against the wishes of the owner!  Childress is an idiot and now Moss is available and on waivers.  So, who’s going to take the all-pro?  Since he is on waivers, any team can place a claim on him and pay him his remaining 2010 salary.  Teams with the worst record sit at the top of the waiver order down to the league’s team with the best record – the Patriots; and whatever team with the worst record puts a claim in for Moss, will get him.  However, I don’t see anyone putting in a claim.  Instead, I think the teams will let him clear waivers this week and stick the Vikings with his salary and some team will try to sign him for the league minimum next week.  If he does clear waivers this week, he can sign with any team.

So, who will get him?  I think there are a few candidates (not all great situations though):

Redskins – Dan Snyder may not be able to help himself since he signs every big name ,and McNabb can still throw the deep ball; but can Snyder convince Mike Shanahan (speaking of idiot coaches – the benching of McNabb for cardiovascular fitness/preparedness of the 2 minute drill/whatever other BS excuse he wants to give is one of the worst coaching decisions I’ve ever seen in any sport.  Shanahan thinks he is a god which is funny since he has to coexist with the worst owner in sports).

Chargers – Their top 4 receiving options are injured and they still have aspirations for the playoffs and SuperBowl.  I think he’d be a great fit here but don’t know if GM AJ Smith will take a chance on the personality.

Rams – A team with a real shot at the playoffs (who probably didn’t see themselves as this good in training camp), and they need some WR spunk to put them over the top in a putrid division.

Saints – The team with multiple receiving options could use an actual stud.  I think Moss would be a good fit in New Orleans and would allow Colston to fit in as a #2 which is what he truly is.

Chiefs – Another team at the top of their division who knows they need a little more aerial support to compliment a good defense and a great running game.

And the winner is…

I’m taking the Patriots.  I think Moss fits in so well there, knows how he screwed up; wishes he was back in New England; and all Belichick wants is another championship.  Even at 6-1 the Pats look very suspect on offense.  Welker isn’t as much of a factor and they don’t have any one stud at RB who can carry them.  Inviting back Moss will open things up and put the Pats back at the top of the list of favorites.

Thoughts?  Rant?  Chime in.