According to EW, Neftlix has announced that new 10 episode season of the previously cancelled Arrested Development will be released next year, and that all ten episodes will be released at the same time, in the same vein as the show Netlfix premiered this year, Lillyhammer.

Also announced by Mitch Hurowitz, is that although he had originally planned to build each episode of season 4 around a different character, the scripts now more closely resemble the old show. There was no mention of the AD movie, but Hurwitz added that he wouldn’t mind continuing the show on Netflix. (I dance in joy with the thought)

I think this news is awesome. I’ve seen it mentioned in a couple articles talking about this news that “Arrested” became big because of marathon viewings on DVD and Netflix instant streaming. I can attest to that. When I saw the show I watched all three seasons in a giant weekend marathon. It was life changing. Being able to see all 10 episodes in marathon will be just as awesome, and I don’t see any reason for Neflix NOT to do it, since their not really competing with ratings or anything.  Though i do get some peoples opinions, who arent as big a fans of the idea as others. People saying, part of the point of loving a TV show is the anticipation in between episodes…  No one is wrong in this case. Either way. We will be getting new Arrested Development next year, and it should be epic.

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