The 1988 movie, Twins is getting a little brother… And his name is Eddie Murphy. It’s been reported by the Hollywood Reporter that Schwarzenegger, Devito, and Ivan Reitman (Twins, Ghostbusters) are considering a sequel. The storyline would be that the two “brothers”, find out they have a third brother played by Eddie Murphy. The movie would be called Triplets.

No Director is attached yet, as Reitman is only acting in a producing capacity for the film. Joe Medjuk, Tom Pollock, and Ali Bell Also produce.

I for one have mixed emotions for this. I’ve been wanted another one of these movies for a long time now, but this storyline is a bit absurd. That being said. The three of them make a stellar cast, and it would certainly be entertaining. We’ll have to wait until more information though because we can start guessing. After all.. it’s just in consideration right now.

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