If there’s one thing I can say for Archer Farms chips, it’s that they at least market themselves well, even if the result doesn’t live up to expectations. Yet again, Target’s brand lets me down, though not in terrible fashion.

Loaded Baked Potato.  When I think of that, I’m thinking cheese, sour cream, bacon in rich flavors.  Apparently when Archer Farms puts that on a bag of potato chips, they’re just looking for a means to differentiate themselves from other sour cream and onion options, and they succeeded in that respect.  That’s how the Loaded Baked Potato thick-cut potato chips from Archer Farms tastes, and if I had known that while I was in the store, I wouldn’t have been interested.

Cheese flavor?  Maybe the slightest hint, but given the name I’d expect more.  From every “loaded baked potato” I’ve ever had, cheese was the overwhemling flavor involved.

They could’ve redeemed themselves in this chip, and possibly made it a favorite, had they included some bacon flavor, but they didn’t.  I shouldn’t be surprised at that, since the picture on the bag doesn’t show any bacon.  My guess is that if they were to redesign this product and make the popular breakfast meat an aspect of the chips, they’d significantly increase sales.

Until they do that, I’m not buying another bag.  In fact, if I accidentally got a bag of these due to an errant grab where I thought I was getting a different product, I’d take it back.  Even if it’s just the size which costs less than $1.  They’re not terrible chips by any stretch of the imagination, but I don’t enjoy them any more than any other average sour cream & onion flavored option.

For shame, the concept had such potential.