In my quest to find and try as many jalapeno-related products as possible, I picked up the Archer Farms tortilla chips which they’ve deemed “Black Bean & Jalapeno” flavored.

Firstly, it’s hard to think about what black bean flavored chips might taste like, since they have such subtle flavor in its actual form.  With my above-average sense of taste and smell, I’ve tricked myself into believing that I found the black bean flavor in these chips.  Needless to say it’s not over-powering, but I don’t know what it really adds to the chips.  The whole point of having black beans in dips is to add substance, and flavoring in the chips doesn’t solve the fact that dips tend to get eaten too quickly and typically need more substance… but the flavor in the chips is decent.  Maybe if you have a 7-layer dip and don’t want to put black beans in there but still want the flavor of the black beans, you get that with these chips.

Great benefit, right?


The jalapeno is what drew me to these tortilla chips.  Unlike some other jalapeno options, you don’t get the fresh pepper taste from these chips.  They are a little spicy, but all of the other spicy snacks I’ve reviewed up to this point are actually hotter than these chips.  That’s a good thing and at the same time it’s slightly disappointing.

As for the tortilla chip qualities?  They’re crunchy like Doritos, not half as messy (they do feel a tad bit powdery, but again, don’t compare it to Doritos, because THOSE are messy), and feel hearty like flax chips.