From the time I left the comfort of my mother’s side – staying home watching a giant yellow bird and his googly-eyed friends drill the beginnings of modern social standards into my spongey little brain – and started kindergarten, I knew I had a very keen interest in human interaction. I’ve always just been a natural observer, picking and pulling at the “hows” and “whys” of the way people went about their lives and all the social implications to follow.

As I got older I began to learn slowly (…. OK VERY slowly) what boys seemed to like, and not like, in a girl. As my own personality gravitated toward what was seen as more of a “male” one, I became a bit of a tom-boy. I watched the girls that my friends (who were mostly boys, of course) “LIKE liked” giggle, dumb themselves down, and bat their eyelashes etc. Being that my only interaction with boys up until that point had been beating them at GoldenEye on SNES or playing street hockey with them in my cul-de-sac, I just couldn’t fathom actually being able to DO those things that the other girls did myself at the time!

Eventually I tried my hand at (what I’m sure looked absolutely ridiculous if I could watch it now!) flirting once or twice and my dating life began. Everyone knows the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” that your grandma tells you when you get dumped the first time in a futile attempt to cheer you up. Well it was through the most innocent form of love and absolute elation followed by the inevitable sheer pain of heart-ache which we like to call first love that I truly came to understand the meaning of that phrase.

The handful of relationships I endured to follow also brought their fair share of heaven and hell, but most importantly they taught me so very many valuable lessons that, without getting TOO heavy here, basically all came together to make me the person I am today.

As time went on I found myself far from the memories of highschool, my first boy-toy, and the perils of adolescence and in the shiny new city of Chicago. Not long after moving there I began my modeling career where I REALLY learned, in true Amore fashion: trial by fire, how to be a girly girl. Catty models and sleazy photographers taught me that even though your mommy told you everyone’s pretty inside/don’t judge a book by it’s cover/insert trombone adult voice in snoopy movies here… that in the big bad real world unfortunately yet realistically when you break it all down and call it what it really is its actually what’s on the OUTSIDE that counts. At first anyway…

Now in my mid 20s I can look back and say I honestly don’t regret a thing. There have been some wet n wild times! Just as there have been some “HOLY SH*T DID THAT JUST ACTUALLY HAPPEN?!” times. And just plain “WTF” times. Separately they are what they are but together they make it all worth while. Through triumph and tragedy though it is (and I can’t stress this enough!) INCREDIBLY important to remain true to yourself. If you can do that while saying and doing the things necessary to get ahead in today’s world that’s really all that matters.

It’s this mentality combined with my epic bluntness that makes me the go-to girl for advice in my clique of friends. And lucky you… now I’m yours too. Whether you have a stalker GF you need tips on how to get rid of, you seriously just NEED to score with that hot chick at work, or you just want to know why girls always have to go pee together I got you. Consider me your secret weapon, your (wo)man on the inside, your wing-lady from hell… whatever. You can’t scare me or gross me out and nothing is ever off limits. Hit me with your best shot. 😉

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Angel Amore is an established alternative model, drummer, and painter hailing from the north side of the windiest city of Chicago. Her accomplishments span across a wide variety of artistic and musical subjects such as putting together and playing drums in the hit band Felon Love who took Chi-town by storm when they were named “best metal band” in the Chicago Reader 2010, creating the visually overwhelming painting series entitled “Fallen Angels”, and completing illustrations for the children’s book “Sammy the Camel”. She is also a co-founder, behavioral evaluator, and constant foster parent
with Broad Shoulders Animal Rescue. Angel and her pups currently reside on the
north-west side of Chicago.

You can follow her on twitter @AngelAmoreGN, friend her on facebook at, and email your advice-seeking questions to AngelAmore [at] Guysnation [dot] com (email address formatted weird in the article to deter spam).

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