That’s right, I went classic snack for this one.   And by “classic”, I mean “if you haven’t tried it and you aren’t averse to mildly spicy snacks, try it”.  When I say “mildly spicy”, I mean it.  Unless you think ketchup is spicy, you’re not likely to need a glass of water to help cool down anything from eating these.

Don’t get me wrong, Andy Capp’s Hot Fries aren’t the best snack in the world, but they’re a good option to go with now and again.

They’re called “fries”, but in truth they taste more like cheese puffs.  I’ve had the Cheese Fries option from Andy Capp’s brand before, and I still go back to the Hot Fries option because, for my money, they’re way better.  As a cheese puff, they’re nothing special, but the french fry shape and the spice they add for the Hot Fries makes it worth buying.

By comparison, it’s fairly economical to buy a bag, too.  The prices may vary from place to place, but you can clearly see in the top right corner of the bag that the MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) is only $1.  If you try to buy a bag of chips at a sandwich shop or a gas station for a $1, you’re only going to get one half this size.

Another good factor about these is the low fat content.  It says right on the front that they’re oven baked, which helps to explain the low (less than one third) ratio of calories from fat.

Unless you’re a young teenager who’s going on a road trip with your dad for the first time, your first venture with Andy Capp’s Hot Fries isn’t likely to be as memorable as mine was, but you’re likely to return to them from time to time to enjoy the zing that accompanies a fairly decent cheese puff.