Andy Capp’s Hot Fries are what I would consider to be a strong contender for the Snacks Hall Of Fame, so when I saw the BBQ Fries option, I leaped at the chance.

There’s definitely a good BBQ flavor, which does get to be a little problematic when you get through about a third of the bag, which keeps you from being able to eat the entire bag… which I guess for some people might be a good thing.

I wouldn’t call the snack spicy, though there is just a little tangy zing. Unlike with Hot Fries, there’s no after-zing.

For some reason these snacks weren’t as crispy as their Hot Fries counterpart. They weren’t soggy, but things started in that direction.

Instead of just saying to stick with the original Hot Fries, my advice goes a little past that: buy a bag of each, mix them up and chow down on a nice combination snack!