It’s awesome when a team gets on a roll and sweeps their way through the playoffs.  Being a Los Angeles Kings fan (for reasons I won’t discuss here), I’m absolutely ecstatic that my team can potentially shut all the critics up and sweep the great Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils.

So, why is this bad, you may ask?  Simple, the NHL’s TV deal with NBC.  As part of the deal, NBC airs Games 1 and 2 on NBC, Games 3 and 4 on the NBC Sports Network (formerly Versus), and the remaining “if necessary” games on NBC.  This means in the event of a sweep, Game 4, the game where the Stanley Cup would be handed out, gets aired on a network that isn’t in many homes.

The NBC Sports Network isn’t even ranked in the Top 30 for cable ratings.  It’s not even available on all cable systems.  Monday night’s Game 3 was the sixty-sixth ranked show on TV.  SIXTY-SIXTH!!  I’m sure that’s not the kind of number Gary Bettman wants to see.  As a hockey fan, it’s not a number I want to see.

It’s looking a lot like the amazing story of the Los Angeles Kings will end on a network that not everybody gets.  It will be like the proverbial tree falling in the forest.  If the Kings win the Stanley Cup, and nobody watches it, did it really happen?  Is that what we’re left with?  As a HOCKEY fan, this upsets me, and it should upset any other hockey fan.

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