Hey everyone, Im David aka Turd Ferguson and Im the newest member of the GuysNation team! I’ll be bringing to you all kinds of guys stuff but mostly sports stuff. To start, here is my the American League playoff preview and predictions.

[pic via BustedCoverage]

Boston Red Sox:
The Sox are struggling and I mean struggling into the playoffs (if they even make it). This team looks like they have zero motivation to play another game. Even with 2 MVP candidates in Adrian Gonzales and Jacoby Ellsbury this team looks dead in the water. However! We have seen the Red Sox catch fire in the past and go on these amazing runs, but they’re not winning the pennate.

Detroit Tigers:
The Tigers are a really dangerous team going into the playoffs and for a couple of reasons:

  • They have some guy named Justin Verlander. He’s having the season of a life time. Quite honestly Im hoping that he trips coming off the team bus and breaks his right arm.
  • It seems like they’ve won 60 games in a row so they’re red hot!

I want to pick them to be the American League representative, but outside of Miggy Cabrera, theres no offense. Its Verlander, Cabrera and that no-name closer. That’s it; they cant throw Verlander in game 2 and 3 and let Cabrera bat for everyone on the team. So its not happening for them.

Texas Rangers:
The Rangers aren’t as scary as they were last season because they no longer have Cliff Lee. In fact that starting rotation doesn’t scare anyone. I might be able to hit for the cycle against them! The only thing the Rangers have going for them is that they play in a weak Western division and someone has to make the playoffs. They should thank the Angels for allowing them a chance to defend their title.

Tampa Rays:
Major League Baseball is on their knees praying that the Rays do not make the playoffs. No one wants to see them. The people who live in Tampa don’t even want to see them in the regular season so forget about the playoffs. Outside of their 3rd baseman, Eva Longoria I couldn’t tell you anything else about them.

New York Yankees:
My Yankees are the obvious favorites to win the AL crown. Why? Because the Yankees are a religion in my house that’s why! Seriously, the Yanks can mash with any team in baseball. Old Jeter is hitting like young Jeter, Mo is still Mo, Granderson is going to get robbed of the MVP, and CC and Ivan Nova are as good a 1-2 pitching combination than any team in the AL. The only question is who will be the 3rd starter? My money is going to be on AJ Burnett, at which I will start a #BanBurnett campaign on twitter.

Come back tomorrow for my National League playoff preview and prediction. Holla!