During the summer month of July, when people are enjoying the 4th of July, baseball and general good weather, Syfy has decided to pack a ton of premiere into one week. Monday the 11th saw the return of Warehouse 13, Haven returns as well on Friday. One of the more interesting shows they’re putting on is Alphas, which aired its pilot right after Warehouse 13 on Monday.

The show’s premise revolves around people called Alphas, who have superhuman powers. Dr Lee Rosen is the leader of a team of Alphas who are the protagonists of the show who have powers ranging from reading electronic transmissions and super strength to enhanced senses and mind control.

Now is you’re thinking to yourself that you’ve seen this show before, you’re correct, as it was called Heroes. This is essentially the same basic premise but with a few differences. Rosen’s team of Alphas have the backing of a shadowy government agent named Wilson who, as the pilot implies, answers to higher ups on Alpha issues. The pilot revolves the recruitment of one particular Alpha by the already existing team. Heroes was about people discovering their powers and coming together.

The characters in both series have correlations with each other in terms of powers. Though Alphas does have a group of bad guys with powers who are set up as the main villains in the series.

Though it seems extremely derivative, Alphas does have promise. The pilot did a good job of setting up the characters and their personalities while also starting to draw viewers in. I’m particularly interested in the character of Gary Bell, who has Aspergers Syndrome and can read electronic transmissions. He shows some humor and is probably the character you’d most want to see develop.

It’s definitely worth catching the pilot and it will be interesting to see if the show can grow and make its own mark instead of becoming another superpower show.

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