She likes to call herself just another girl in costume, who happens to love nerding-out. Well for a girl who just likes “Nerding-Out”, she has been noticed by the Cosplay community. Don’t believe me, here are some of the acknowledgements that she has received.

The Chive Website: Top Cosplay Girls of 2012 (Black Canary)

acidcow.com: Top 50 Sexiest Cosplay Girls of June 2012 (Black Canary)

GeeksareSexy.com : Cosplay Feature (Harley Quinn)

Official Tomb Raider Blog: Lara Croft Reboot Cosplay

Not bad for someone who sees herself as just another girl in costume. Well, I was able to get this “Girl in costume” to stand still long enough to answer a few questions for us.

 Mr. Incredible: So tell me how you first got started in Cosplay?1012872_481612035247943_1608190083_n

Alexa Karii: It was a fluke actually. I have always done self portraits and one day I decided to do a black canary inspired shoot and next thing I know it’s being blown up on the Chive website as “the top 50 sexy Cosplay girl”. I was like “really? Okay, I guess?” So I just kept doing my thing, really embracing a character and little by little I was pushed into the Cosplay scene. I never had the intention of doing “Cosplay” per say it just kind of came to me. Strange huh?

Mr. Incredible: Who have been some of your fav. People to Cosplay as?

 Alexa Karii: All the Assassin’s Creed characters have to be my top faves.  I always want to kick all kinds of butt in costume as them!

Mr. Incredible: Can you explain to people who don’t know…exactly how much hard work goes into making a good Cosplay?

Alexa Karii: I am picky when it comes to certain words. Like the term “good Cosplay”. I know it was not intended in any negative way, but because of how popular Cosplay has become these days judgment becomes such a staple to the “worth” of a Cosplay. I think no matter the skill level a “good” Cosplay is just when you feel amazing in the costume after it is done. For me sometimes the costumes I just use altered clothing for become some of the best crafted costumes. But I wouldn’t say that a costume I spend MONTHS on doesn’t make me feel just a bit better in the end. I mean, when we just start out we have a hard time thinking we can really make some complicated costume, but when that day comes that you finally make every single part of a super complicated costume, that might have taken you weeks or months, now that is an amazing feeling.  Being only a year into the world I have only just started venturing into really making every part of my own costumes! It is crazy at times and really hard. Sometimes you have no guide on how to make a part so you stress out but that where all the fun comes. You teach yourself, or learn from others. The art of costume making is stressful but also the most rewarding! Half the time I have no idea how I make most of my costumes because it is on the spot ideas to work just that once!


Mr. Incredible: Are there any people who you wouldn’t Cosplay as?

Alexa Karii: I can’t think of something I wouldn’t want to Cosplay. I mean great thing about Cosplay is you can change almost anything to make a character fit you and your style.

Mr. Incredible: Do you have a signature Cosplay?

Alexa Karii: I am known for my Assassin’s Creed Cosplays. Also my Harley Quinn. I guess that would have to be it 😀

Mr. Incredible: Who are some of the Cosplayers that you enjoy checking out?

Alexa Karii: There are so many. I honestly can’t even start to list them.

Mr. Incredible: Now it looks as if the Cosplay community is a tight knit group…is that true?1662416_574966872579125_1952487236_n

Alexa Karii: To me, it is kind of like high school now honestly. There is the popular crowd. They seem to think they can run things….but that is only determined by who knows who and how many people “follow them”. There are the geek and nerds they just hang out and have fun in what they do. There are the wanabe who just trail along the popular crowd and hope to get in. It’s kind of sick when you think about it but there always people like me who will run their own show and do things how they want without looking for satisfaction or acceptance from a larger crowd. Cosplay is about having fun not fitting in, so don’t try to! 😀

Mr. Incredible: Who have you been looking forward to Cosplay as?

Alexa Karii: I really want to Cosplay supergirl. Most looks for her just don’t really grab me so I’ve been waiting around for that one design to pop up and really make me go “I NEED TO DO THIS!”

Mr. Incredible: Are you shocked at how accepted Cosplay is becoming?

Alexa Karii: Not at all. I think that has more to do with the fact that I never really was around when it was anything different.

Mr. Incredible: How do people you date, family and friends handle your Cosplaying?

Alexa Karii: My family is super supportive but it can cause a bit of strain when my scheduled gets tight and I am trying to fit in house work and normal work with costumes. I am super grateful I have such a supportive family! I’d be nothing without my mother’s support! As far as people I date that’s extremely hard. I have quickly found out dating within the Cosplay scene is a complete disaster. Ego and complicated issues arise and can destroy a relationship. If I consider dating someone there has to be a huge understanding that ego can’t run the relationship (if they are in the Cosplay scene). At the moment I am just living life to fullest. My friends are super supportive and always looking out for me when I take on a new challenge. They really help me!


Mr. Incredible: How do you decide who to Cosplay as?

Alexa Karii: It needs to hit me. Like give me a virtual punch in the face and blow me away. If the character doesn’t do that to me I know I won’t enjoy spending hours working on it. I remember for the longest time I wanted to Cosplay Wonder Woman but she didn’t really wow me until I got some new art of a completely different wonder woman. My only reaction was staring at it with no words…just gibberish pouring out of my mouth followed by “I need to Cosplay this”. BAM it hit me hard. Next thing I knew I was brainstorming.

Mr. Incredible: How does it feel to receive awards for some of your Cosplay?

Alexa Karii: Honestly I don’t compete much. I’ve only competed in two contests and received one award. It was for my Wonder Woman Costume.


Mr. Incredible: So when you are not dressing as the Black Canary or anyone of your various Cosplays…what are you doing in your free time?

Alexa Karii: I play alot of video games and work my normal job.  I love to stream and be silly online with fans and viewers. Twitch is like my second home sometimes where I can get to know fans better and hang out! It’s where #jello was created. I may not be top tier in many games but I sure love to have fun while learning!

Mr. Incredible: What Comics have you been reading lately?

Alexa Karii: At the moment I haven’t really had time to read anything new just rereading some Supergirl, Black Canary, and Captain America.

Mr. Incredible: So many questions, but such little time. Thank you for sitting in the hot seat. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans and readers?

 Alexa Karii: Always have fun, do what you want and what makes feel good. Remember to always enjoy the #jello in life. #TeamJello! If you have no idea what this #jello is about head over to my fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/AlexaKarii) and join in to find out! 😀 It is very fun!