Albert Haynesworth is no longer a problem child for the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick as the team waived the former Pro Bowl defensive tackle today. The story was confirmed by Greg Bedard at the Boston Globe.

In the six games Haynesworth participated in for the Patriots in the 2011 season, he “amassed” merely three tackles and isn’t listed as having even participated in assisting a Quarterback sack.

Coach Belichick claims that Haynesworth’s lack of participation in the fourth quarter of the week 9 loss to the New York Giants wasn’t due to a late third-quarter “heated exchange” between Albert and Pepper Johnson, the defensive line coach for the Patriots, but rather was part of some sort of rotation strategy.

“We had a lot of defensive linemen active and so they played in different rotations … [Defensive Tackle] Vince [Wilfork] is a guy obviously that we don’t want off the field, but the rest of those guys, they can’t all play. One guy plays for a while and then somebody else plays and they rotate.’’

Due to NFL rules pertaining to the personnel calendar, a waivers process is in place for teams who wish to claim Haynesworth. At 4 pm on November 9th, Albert will become a free agent again. Chances are good that planes aren’t going to be standing by to fly to his house to woo him to his next NFL destination… if there is a next destination for Haynesworth.

If Haynesworth is not picked up by another NFL team, it’s not likely due to a lack of ability. Albert had been praised recently for his contributions in the week 8 victory over the Steelers in which the Patriots got 5 sacks, many due to Albert Haynesworth being double-teamed. The Patriots have just 15 total sacks in the 6 games prior to that effort. Two of those games Haynesworth was not suited up for, and the Steelers game came following a bye week, which gave Haynesworth more time to rest.