Despite the project nearly getting shelved, Wonder Woman is coming to television, and the folks at NBC have picked actress Adrianne Palicki for the title role, assuring us that even if the script and production values aren’t any good, at least there will be eye candy.

And she’s a good actress, too!

If you’re not familiar with Adrianne Palicki, chances are that you either don’t watch Friday Night Lights, or you don’t recognize her as a brunette in the picture off to the right.  As Tyra Collette from Lights, Palicki isn’t exactly a girlie girl, though I wouldn’t necessarily consider her a tomboy, either.  There’s no denying that she’s smoking hot, but the writers from the acclaimed series about high school football allowed her to put her acting ability on display when they cast her in a role that gave her significant depth and plenty of attitude.

It should come as no surprise that Palicki was considered for the iconic role of Wonder Woman, as the pilot episode is being directed by Jeffrey Reiner, who worked on Friday Night Lights as a co-producer.

Reportedly the only actress asked to audition for the part, Palicki will be the first woman to portray the character in a live-action setting of this magnitude since Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman in the television series which ended in 1979.

Will Palicki, a self proclaimed comic book fan (who had a role in the AQUAMAN pilot which crashed and burned… or drowned), be able to handle all of the ass kicking Wonder Woman does?  That’s yet to be determined, but regardless of whether she can do the kicks, punches, wristband-assisted bullet blocking and bad-guy lassoing, she shouldn’t have any trouble looking the part.  A painted-on smile wasn’t a signature characteristic of the Tyra Collette character for which she gained notariety, her experience in the film LEGION will certainly help, as will her work in the upcoming remake of RED DAWN.  If nothing else (and quite possibly “most importantly”), she’ll certainly be able to fill out the strapless costume.

Now we just need to see if the script is any good, and given the involvement of David E. Kelley (creator of “Boston Legal”, “Ally McBeal” and NBC’s “Harry’s Law” among other projects), we think it’s very likely.

Because Wonder Woman is a female icon and this is a website where we talk about guy stuff, it seems that you might need a little more reason to be excited about this project, so if the other two pictures I provided weren’t adequate, I’ve got more for you.  Enjoy!

Let me guess, now you can’t wait for the pilot of Wonder Woman, right?

We thought that might be the case.  Though, with a picture like that to the right of this text, is anyone possibly paying any attention to what I have to say here?


Nor would I be.

After seeing this picture, how bad do you want to be her neighbor?

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