Back in highschool I was never an avid wrestling fan. Yes I watched every WWC, WWF, and ECW show on TV, and  PPV.  Yes my friends and I had our own backyard wrestling corporation. But that’s because my friends were all into it. I watched it but I was never a HUGE fan of it…. FOR ONE EXCEPTION… ECW! I loved ECW. They had a bunch of guys from Michigan, the state that lacks for celebrities, and it was AWESOME. Sabu and Rvd were by far two of my favorite wrestlers of all time, and I loved watching them compete….

Skip to college. My friends aren’t around to watch wrestling with anymore, and I have rehearsals till 11:00 pm… I stop watching wrestling. Easy enough to figure out.  Apparently though, that was a good thing because not soon after ECW was bought out by WWE. That made my heart hurt when I found that shit out. Skip to about 9 years later when RVD is back to wrestling in a company called TNA…. TNA featuring such talent as  Mick Foley, Kurt Angle, Rhyno, and Hulk Hogan… among others

I leaped at the chance to see this. I start watching again, and after only a couple of months I am rewarded as an RVD fan and see him win two matches in one night, and one of them is for the TNA title…. Well, I didn’t see it, but I read about it. I was ecstatic! I was actually getting into wrestling again. Well TNA wrestling, which isn’t saying much….

Then Dreamer, Richards, Rhyno, and Raven showed up, and it was announced TNA was letting the ol’ boys do a reunion show of sorts. I got a full on boner by the thought of it. I was stoked. And I even contemplated buying my first wrestling PPV in 10+ years. But I didn’t. Instead I watched an online stream of it, and I gotta say. I for one am glad I saved my 35 bucks.

I redubbed this PPV “TNA’s Tale of two halves” as this had two totally different halves. First half… Terrible, second half, promising but unfullfilling… Let’s start from the beginning shall we?

It started with what was a 45 minute segment from Taz talking about ECW…. OK, it was pretty good. Then the first match started and the FBI ended up winning the INCREDIBLY BORING lackluster match against Simon Diamond, Kid Kash, and Johnny Swinger. This match was so bad, that half way through it, they stopped wrestling and had a GOD DAMN dance off… Really? REALLY? A Dance off? I remember ECW being cheesy, but I still remember them being better than WCW, and that was some WCW bullshit there!

Then 2 Cold Scorpio wrestled CW Anderson, and it was one of the most boring matches I’ve ever seen.Literally, I took a dump while watching the match, and it didn’t want to come out in fear IT would have to witness some of that atrocious match. No, not really, but it felt like that was the reason. Then there was a TERRIBLE match between Stevie Richards and Justin Credible (renamed PJ Polaco). Sandman made his super brief appearance on the ppv in this match as he came out after the match was over and hit Credible with the kendo stick. Really? THAT WAS IT! (He also seemed to be incredibly drunk as he could barely stand up straight. I kind of wanted to see Rhyno gore him the fuck through a table again (Or his wife)… So seeing him here, dissapointed me.) Oh and none of the matches up to now had ANYTHING remotely hardcore other than Sandman’s Cane… LAME.

I’m surprised I stayed awake long enough to get to the next match, which is where it somewhat started to get good. It had three of my favs from ECW. Rhyno, Al Snow, and Spike Dudley (Brother Runt… DAMN WWE and their trademark names) The match was pretty good. There was some hardcore stuff, Al snow looked awesome, but the ending sucked. It just ended. Spike eliminated Snow out of nowhere, and right away Rhyno gored Spike for the win. Disappointed me to say the least.

Then Axl Rotten and Balls Mohoney (renamed Koheneys… I really hated the new names they came up with for this show), came out, and issued an open challenge. The Dudleys came out with an incredibly fat, but still awesome on the mic Joel Gertner. They wrestled, and the match was pretty tight. About what you’d expect from a no holds barred Dudleys match…. It definitely ended with a flaming table, but no 3D through it, because well, Axl Rotten was now too fat for the Dudleys to do it. After the match The Gangatas (New Jack and Mustafa) came out and started beating the shit out of the Dudleys, until they all stopped  and hugged in the middle of the GODDAMN RING. I understand respect, but do that shit backstage. I almost threw my computer out the window.

Next came Raven and Tommy Dreamer continuing on a story line form 15 years ago.  Mick Foley was the special referee. The match was alright, there was hardcore and they tore each other apart blood wise. Mick had a couple of cool spots, like when he did a barded wire socko to Raven. It became a clusterfuck though. BWO (with a fake Blue Meanie), and Raven’s Lackey (Sandman’s son), showed up, and it became absolute chaos (Which I liked). Raven eventually won though, which I didn’t like, but I can understand it, if they are planning on continuing the storyline in TNA. It was better than the rest of the matches so far, until the main event…

Which was RVD vs SABU, with Fonzie managing it right down the middle. This was quintessential Old School ECW wrestling… Total nastalgia. They used chairs and tables, and RVD won with a five star frog splash, which came out of nowhere which took the match from an 8.5 down to a 7 because anther bad ending to an otherwise great match. Oh and Taz called the Vanterminator, the Vanassassin…. WHAT? After that all the ECW guys came down to the ring and drank beers with Dixie for 20 minutes while the fans chanted “Fuck You Vince”. THAT was awesome. It sucks though when an audiences cheer is the best part of a show.

Over all… Definately a better second half as the first half was barely watchable, but all of it seemed to not quit work for some reason. Oh not to mention TAZ had a HELL of a time using all the wrestlers new names, and all the matches were wrestled under crappy blue lighting to make it look more “low budget”.

Not a great Pay Per View to to watch to try getting back into wrestling, even if it was guys you loved to watch 10 years ago in your boxers and while eating greasy ass pizza in the basement with your friends. I give the PPV a 5 for effort. If Vince didn’t threaten lawsuit, it may have been better. No one will really know though.