Welcome to our 3rd Installment of Scott’s  30 for 2010.  Three six packs in, and I’m certifiably shit-faced… but totally learned how to “picturize”  my posts.

Not shown: Sir Scott M. Hayes XIV

Have I told you how pretty I think you are?  Yeah… you’re real real pretty…  yyyup…  lots of purty ladies in this sixer.
Huh?  Sorry, passed out on my keyboard.  Where the hell was I?   Oh, that’s right.  Cracking open the next six-pack.  Tipping them back and tasting the bubbles.   Shall we?  Oh, we shall!
13. The XX “XX”
A british band I stumbled across on Palladia. But quickly recognized a song (“Intro” the albums opening track) from an AT&T comercial featuring Apolo Anton Ono (where he’s skating and the ice is breaking and spinning underneath him) They were being interviewed, and they played snippets of songs. Then a spin article jogged that memory, and when I was out at Target I saw it in their little “indie rock” section for 8.99. So I picked it up. Very pleased with the purchase. Anyone who’s a big fan Interpol or the Joy Division or canadian indie act, Stars should give this band a listen. Its very straight forward musically. Guitar. Bass. Drums. An occasional piano. Dual vocalists Romy Madley Croft (its a she) and Oliver Sim (shouldn’t need ot be said, but he’s a he). Sharing the vocal abilities lends itself to interesting lyric writing as you can have “exchanges” which they do. They also have songs where just one sings. They definitely favor a guitar effect. As lots of echo-y / palm muted sounding guitar parts may get this band stamped “all their songs sound the same”, but that’s a story for the NEXT album. Right now? I like this a lot.
14. She & Him “Volume 2”

took everything I had not to post her in Elf garb

Zooey Deschanel (of Elf fame… and other movies, but my crush began thanks to Elf) – and M. Ward (prestigious indie/folk dudeman) team up to make bubble gum pop straight out of the 50’s or 60’s. Not entirely sure, as I don’t own any other records from the time frame, but there is a nostalgic vibe vocally from Zooey. Musically too, but there are still some hints of indie rock mixed in musically, but Zooey’s singing style and lyrics take you back to a time way before the CD I purchased was even dreamed about. This is a contemporary/hipster record I could give to my parents and they’d probably love the hell out of. I thought it was good, but not my cup of tea as far as repeated listens or becoming on of my Obsessions. (Look for “April Obsessions” on Guys Nation! omg… more pluggage)
15. Bat for Lashes “Two Suns”.
Bats for Lashes is a stage name for musician/singer creative force Natasha Khan. Calling to mind PJ Harvey, or Tori Amos or contemporary Florence Welsh of Florence and the Machine. Songs are well crafted and cinematic in scope. Lots of piano and soft breathy vocals. This is music you expect to hear score a film or be utilized in a key dramatic moment. Khan’s voice definitely reminds me of Tori Amos a good deal. If you’re an Amos fan you’d definitely want to check this out. I really enjoyed it. I’m a huge PJ Harvey fan, and you’ve heard me gush over Florence + The Machine. So for this definitely was in my wheel house for what I’m “into” musically at the time.
16. Bon Iver “Blood Bank” EP (4 songs)
Big surprise... the guy who runs away to record in a cabin has a beard
I was baffled when I started Blood Bank. First thing I heard was electric guitar. The opening song, Blood Bank is amazing, and will probably be highlighted on the next version of “Obsessions”. This shows growth, it was recorded at a different time so this isn’t really a set of “b-sides” or outtakes from “For Emma…” Its a step as a song writer and I think opening with the fast paced (for Bon Iver) electric guitar tinged opener shows that. Second song is more on par with “For Emma…”, but includes some really cool slide guitar work that stands out. Babys opens with a unnerving piano part that builds. And Woods is probably the most different track on the EP. A nice change of pace, and shows that this isn’t a “one trick pony”. After hearing this I’m really interested to see what the next full length release will sound like.
17. Jay-Z “The Blue Print: III”

do I really need a reason to get a picture of Beyonce in here? didn't think so.

The self proclaimed “Greatest Rapper Alive” – and really who’s gonna argue – steps up and releases his third Blueprint album. His 2nd record after his “retirement” After a good, but not great album his last time out: Kingdom Come. Jay-Z comes back full on and KILLS it. He really is like the Michael Jordan of rap. WHen he spoke of coming back in the “4-5”, it was like that return when Mike came back from playing minor league baseball. Shades of brilliance, but not 100% there. Blueprint III has Jay back in classic form. There really isn’t a weak track. There is always interesting production/instrumentation utilized. Lots of horns. Some live drums. I’m absolutely in love with the song “D.O.A.” Death of Autotune – which has amazing drums, guitar, and horn work… and also speaks to me from a content standpoint cuz I’m incredibly annoyed by how much autotune is used in music today. If you’re a Jay-Z fan I’d assume you own this, if you don’t…why the hell not? But a definite recommend by yours truly.
18. Katy Perry: Unplugged (Live)

Gorgeous Girl with a Guitar (with side of alliteration)

The Unplugged Series on MTV has always been a favorite of mine. If you’re wondering “MTV Still Does Unplugged?!”… join the club. But thanks to Palladia HD (A music channel that actually plays music, mostly concert/live music) has put up new Unplugged(s) like Silversun Pickups, Vampire Weekend, and also… yes… Pop tart – Katy Perry. Beyond being hot, Katy Perry can singly live (as you’re not gonna see lip syncing on unplugged)… play a little bit of guitar… and came up a whole helluva lot differently than other ladies of pop who you might see her lumped in with. (she actually toured with the Warped Tour). This Unplugged strips down the pop songs you hear on the radio like “I kissed a girl” or “Waking up in Vegas”. I actually enjoy the interpretation of kissed a girl on this record… a song I admittedly HATE. Overall Its a different side of Katy Perry that I enjoyed. Oh and its pretty cheap on Itunes considering you get both the record and video of the unplugged performance.

There you have it.  Three six packs down.   Two to go.  I’ma need an intervention by the end of this thing.  Till next time when its time for a “Puker’s Rally”?  Try to listen to three new songs a week.  With youtube, playlists, pandora, the radio, myspace, whatever its not too hard to find music you haven’t heard before.  Go at it.

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