Welcome to the 4th installment of 30 new albums. I’m your party host, and DJ. Coats can be hung up in the closet in the hallway. So lets crack open numbers 19-24 and hope we don’t get the “spins”. Every one of the bands in this 6-Pack have a very good reputation for their live shows. So I found some concert pictures to go along with the write up. Plus you get to see what most of the band looks like. So if you see them at the grocery store you can totally be like, “HEY!” – cuz celebrities always love that. Anyway. Lets go.

19. Pixies: “Complete B-Sides”

This Monkey's Gone to Heaven

A B-sides/rarities compilation is usually hit and miss. There are, a lot of times, reasons songs didn’t make the cut for an album. This record is a perfect example of that. Its decent, and would fall under a must have for a die hard Pixies fan like myself. If you’re a casual fan? Or looking to get into the Pixies? Don’t start here. (Go with Doolittle or Surfer Rosa or Come on Pilgrim) There are quality tracks. A mix of a few live cuts, including “In Heaven” sung by Frank (Normally sung by Kim – and should still be from the sounds of it) and some songs that just never got “it” together. No band bats 1.000. Which is why there are such things as B-Sides… and B-side collections.

20. The National “Boxer”

Subdued indie rock. Hints of Interpol, but more layered musically like the Arcade Fire. Bottom line? This album is great. I bought this because I have heard and read good to great things about this band. Really good musically, and the lead singer has a very good voice that reminds me a little bit of Interpol’s lead singer. This is another instance of stumbling into a band I’ll quickly dive into their full catalog. Sonically and from a song writing standpoint this is exactly my cup of tea. If you share some musical tastes with me? I highly recommend this record. I like it enough that I’ve purchased two more records by the band since listening to this.

21. Spoon “Transference”

Indie darlings return after reaching new heights of recognition with “GA GA GA GA GA”. A band that isn’t one to rest on its laurels or worried about out selling their most commercially successful outing, and yet? The album debuted #4 on Billboard. Low Fidelty indie rock is what they specialize in, and this record is very solid. There isn’t a track that jumps out like “The Underdog” – which was a pop tinged quasi hit from GA GA GA GA GA. But overall a very good record from a very good band. If you’re looking to get into Spoon, i’d suggest GA GA GA GA GA, over this album. I think its a little more accessible. This one will take a couple of listens for me to know to what depths I enjoy it.

22. Matt and Kim “Matt and Kim”

The debut from the dance punk duo. A little less polished than Grand. But a lot of the songs from the two albums could be interchanged and you wouldn’t know. Which doesn’t speak well for a third album as the sound is as evolved as its gonna get. But this shit is crazy energetic and fun. I’ll definitely get the third record whenever that happens. They’re great fast paced songs, and if you’re ever looking for workout music at the gym, this fits that pefectly.

23. The Stooges “Raw Power”
no... not these guys

wait… not these guys.

There… that’s more like it.

A “classic” in my opinion. Iggy Pop is a rock icon, and this record is amazing. I got into Iggy thanks to his song “Lust for Life” and have been working through his catalog at a leisurely pace. This record makes me want to pick up that pace. Tinges of blues, punk, and hard rock are heard throughout. Funny listening to this record I heard bands who were influenced by the Stooges from Green day to Pearl Jam. there was little nuggets and pieces of songs where I was like, damn that sounds like “so and so’s” “this and that”. Impressive too that these guys are still around, kicking ass, and taking names. They recently rereleased a remastered edition of this record. If you don’t have it? Go get it!

24. Against Me! “White Crosses”

Anarchist Punks come back even more polished than their last record. Against Me’s last offering, “New Wave” brought about a more polished, accessible (read: poppier) sound. The vocalist was less screamy. The songs were more melodic. White Crosses continues down the path Against Me set out on in New Wave. Produced by Butch Vig, it seems the boys of Against Me are trying to distance themselves from the sound that got them indie notoriety to begin with. Even the lead single “I was a Teenage Anarchist”, lyrically, seems to be tossing aside those ideals. If you were turned off by New Wave (As many hardcore fans are/were)… this record is NOT for you. I think it tries a little too hard to be poppy, but there are still good songs, and is worth multiple listens. I’m someone who was introduced to the band with New Wave, which to me, is their strongest album, and the one I’d recommend if you’re looking to get into the band, but this isn’t a place to start.

I’ve already got a couple albums listened to for the next installment: The National’s “High VIolet”, Band of Horses “Infinite Arms”, and The Dead Weather’s “Sea of Cowards”. Till next time?