For nearly all of the awards for which it was nominated, The Social Network won a 2011 Golden Globe.  By the end of the evening when they got to the final award of the night, it was no surprise that The Social Network was named Best Motion Picture for a drama.  Aaron Sorkin had already claimed the prize for Best Screenplay, David Fincher had been awarded Best Director, and the musical score created by Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails fame) and Atticus Ross had won its category as well.

Neither of the two actors nominated from the Facebook creation tale won their respective awards.  Andrew Garfield, who is slated to portray Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-man reboot, lost to Christian Bale in the Supporting Actor category.  Bale was an odds-on favorite to win the award for his inspiring portrayal of Dicky Eklund in The Fighter.  Colin Firth won Best Performance for a lead Actor in a Drama for playing King George VI in The King’s Speech, beating out Jesse Eisenberg, who was cast as Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network.

The Social Network was nominated for 6 awards, so multiple wins wasn’t a huge surprise, but other movies with 4 or more nominations weren’t as fortunate.

  • The King’s Speech, nominated for 7 awards, winning solely for Firth’s performance
  • The Fighter, nominated 6 times, swept the Supporting performance categories with Christian Bale and Melissa Leo taking home the prizes (though it had 6 nominations, The Fighter could have won at most 5 awards, as Amy Adams was also nominated in the Supporting Actress category)
  • Black Swan was nominated four times, with Natalie Portman capturing the only award, winning Best Actress
  • Inception came up empty handed for its four nominations
  • The Kids Are Alright won awards for half of the categories in which it received nominations

On the television side of the awards, Glee did nearly as well as The Social Network, pulling in 3 awards from its 5 nominations, including Best Series (Musical or Comedy).

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