You gotta hand it to Zapps, they pick a flavor and deliver on the taste they put on the packaging. That sounds simple enough, but you’d be surprised by how many companies fail at actually producing a chip which speaks to the flavor for which it’s named.

The Spicy Creole Tomato chips Spiked With Tabasco are another winning snack.

The McIlhenny Tabasco sauce pictured on the bag has its very distinct taste on full display, and it’s the first thing you taste when you bite into a chip. When you get one of the chips with a stronger concentration of Tabasco sauce, the heat is kicked up a notch. The secondary taste has a nice smoky tomato flavor with pepper, and it’s not over-powered by the tabasco.

The heat isn’t too intense, so if you need a way to clear your sinuses, you’ll need to add some heat to it. The chips do pack a decent little punch – hotter than other varieties by Zapps, and it sticks around for a few minutes after you finish some chips.